5 Common Summer Turf Issues

August 23, 2021

Do you see the same issues with your lawn every summer, such as brown grass, patches of dirt, and a whole lot of insects? You and countless other homeowners deal with these summer turf issues that happen like clockwork and lead to more work. Homeowners want their lawns to look beautiful, and these problems get in the way of achieving that. So we have gathered a list of 5 common issues your yard faces every summer, what causes them, and what you can do to resolve or prevent them.

1. Drought Stress

Drought can be a significant issue during summer and early fall. Turf wilting or browning can often result from drought stress due to the high temperatures and lack of rain during summer. Thinning is another sign of drought stress, as are firmly rooted grass stalks. Deep watering can alleviate drought stress, which is easy to do with an irrigation system that provides consistent water. Core aeration (removing small plugs of soil and thatch to allow deep penetration of nutrients, air, and water) and fertilization can also help mitigate drought stress.

2. Thatch

Another one of the common summer turf issues you may encounter is thatch. Thatch is a layer of organic matter (both living and dead) that accumulates around the base of grass plants. The results are brown patches or spots, along with a “spongy” feeling when you walk across your yard. In addition, thatch can repel water or invite fungal diseases depending on the dryness of the thatch layer. Soil correction that targets the lawn’s pH balance will help control thatch, along with aeration for particularly thick layers of thatch.

3. Insects

If you like to spend time outdoors, you will know that many insects come out in hot weather seasons and can cause issues for your lawn. For example, root-munching insects like white grubs can cause the grass to turn yellow and attract other animals like raccoons and skunks to dig up your property. Other insects like sod webworms eat grass blades, which causes lawn patches to be cut too close to the ground. With so many other insects that can cause problems, the best solution is to reach out to a landscape or plant health care professional to inspect your lawn and devise a solution for whatever insects are currently affecting your property.

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4. Diseases & Molds

Along with insects, diseases and mold can cause significant problems for your lawn. In summer, many lawn diseases attack and can be highly effective due to the turf and plant life being stressed and weakened from drought or other afflictions. Infections also arise due to consistent watering after dark and mowing with a dull blade that tears grass, creating more openings for diseases to infect the turf. As with insects, the best way to resolve them is to meet with a landscape professional who can evaluate your lawn and figure out the best course of action.

5. Bare Spots & Thin Lawn

Bare spots and a thin lawn are familiar sights during summer and early fall. Spots in your yard with little turf and exposed dirt can be caused by excessive foot traffic, poor soil conditions, grub infestation, fungal disease, and more. A thin lawn may result from soil compaction, improper watering or mowing, or insufficient fertilizer. Each of these summer turf issues has a different solution:

  • If you have a thin lawn, aerate and overseed.
  • If your yard has bare spots, fill up the areas by reseeding.

Both of these actions will help bring a thicker, more vibrant look to your grass.

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