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How Do Walkways Impact Curb Appeal?

July 15, 2022

One of the aspects of a landscape that can affect curb appeal and that is overlooked by homeowners is a walkway. Walkways impact curb appeal because they are often the first thing people see. They can also act as boundaries, leading to special features or entertaining areas in a landscape. Many different factors go into whether a walkway helps with a house’s curb appeal, from the location and layout of the walkway to its shape and design. Of course, aesthetics matter, too, so materials and lighting can also affect how people see your home. Look at this Burkholder Landscape walkway upgrade project. We used natural stone and Techo-bloc products to create a level area for an inviting bluestone walkway, allowing space for colorful plantings and landscape lighting.

House walkway before upgrade | Walkways Impact Curb Appeal | Burkholder Landscape

Before Walkway Upgrade

Side of house walkway | Walkways Impact Curb Appeal | Burkholder Landscape

Before Walkway Upgrade

After Walkway Upgrade

After Walkway Upgrade


Your walkway’s location and connections are important. A walkway should connect the entrances of your home, like the front or side door, with the areas guests are likely to park when visiting. For example, if guests park in your driveway, the walkway should connect the driveway to the front door to create an easy path. Inviting, welcoming entrances and clear pathways for people to use makes a house more appealing. Consider connecting the walkway to the sidewalk, if your street has one.


A straight or curved shape is one of the choices homeowners must make when building a walkway. Each shape has advantages regarding aesthetics and more practical effects. For example, straight walkways are traditional, simple to maintain, and work best in small front yards where homeowners may lack space to build extensive, winding walkways.

On the other hand, curved walkways are more visually pleasing and eye-catching and work well for homes with large front yards. In addition, with curved walkways, you can create large planting beds in front of your house, adding more curb appeal.

Slopes & Steps

While walkways impact curb appeal, a walkway can also impact how safe your property is and how people can safely enter and exit your home. Many homeowners here in Pennsylvania live on sloped landscapes. Add steps to your walkway when you have a slope in your yard. Also, you may wish to avoid single steps when possible, as single steps can create tripping hazards.

Front stone walk with manicured plant beds and columned entrance | Burkholder Landscape
Front Walkway full-color Irregular Flagstones | Walkway | Burkholder Landscape


The material you choose for your walkway is integral to curb appeal. In addition, your walkway will be exposed to the elements, so you have some questions to consider when deciding what type of material will work best for your home.

  • What material most complements your home’s aesthetics and style?
  • Is your landscape sloped or flat?
  • What kind of weather does your area get?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you can choose the materials that will most positively impact your curb appeal. With Burkholder, your landscape designer can help you decide on the best materials for your individual project.

Some possible materials you might choose are:

Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone can add a rustic or luxurious look, depending on the type and finish. In addition, natural stone has anti-slip characteristics, ideal for creating a safe, organic-looking walkway.

Techo-Bloc Pavers

We often use Techo-Bloc in our projects. These pavers are high-quality, durable, and attractive. They also offer a high degree of customization and are easy to maintain.

Brick Pavers

Brick is a popular choice for walkways and edging and is available in many colors and sizes. If cared for properly, brick materials can withstand heavy foot traffic without showing signs of wear after years of service.


Lighting is an essential element of walkway design that improves safety and can enhance how walkways impact curb appeal. Lighting can create a safe and welcoming space. In addition, if you want to highlight features of or near the walkway, lighting is an excellent way to do so. You could install lighting to make colorful plantings or trees visible at night or add lighting under stairs to highlight their presence. Outdoor lighting adds to curb appeal because the lights make your property and outdoor space look better and safer.

Contact Burkholder to Begin Designing Your Custom Walkway

Now that you see how walkways impact curb appeal, the next step is to create the ideal walkway for your home. Whatever effect you want from your walkway, Burkholder’s designers will help you achieve the look you want. For over 25 years, Burkholder Brothers has been helping Main Line homeowners create their ideal landscapes. Contact us today to get started on yours!