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Burkholder Offers 4 Reasons You Will Want an Irrigation System This Year

June 30, 2022

Spring rains help bring vibrant green color to your landscape, and yards and fields are lush everywhere you look. However, when summer arrives with less rain and intense heat, many yards begin to wither, and we see a lot of brown grass. At this time of year, when families want to spend time outside having barbecues or playing outdoor games, having a soft, green, manicured lawn is very desirable. So what distinguishes the lush green yard and the dry crunchy brown yard next door? Probably a professionally installed sprinkler and irrigation system.

Advantages of Installing a Custom Irrigation System

Irrigation and sprinkler systems can improve the look of your landscape and the health of your plants. However, these systems also bring many other advantages. Depending on your wants and needs, you can take advantage of new technological advancements to make yard work more convenient. Gone are the days of doing all your yard work by hand, watering everything manually with a garden hose. Instead, technology is here to give you a helping hand to save time and water while providing what your landscape needs to look beautiful. In addition, a custom irrigation system can make a difference in keeping your lawn in top condition.

1. Convenience

Some people try to manually water their lawns or set up individual sprinkler heads to move around the yard. However, both methods require time, which is often in short supply. Sometimes this method results in forgetting that you have the sprinkler on and remembering two hours later when one area of your lawn is marshy. Even if you are an expert at setting timers and going out to move the sprinkler system, what happens when you want to go on vacation? You could come home to a dry, scorched landscape. With an irrigation system, you can set timers to water your lawn at the optimal times of the day and deliver the right amount of water to each yard zone or individual plant.

Irrigation systems have come a long way in the last few years with smart technology. People can use smartphones to operate and control their sprinkler systems. You can now control your system from wherever you have your phone or smart speaker.

Sprinkler Irrigation System in flower bed | Burkholder Landscape

2. Results

Due to improved health, lawns with sprinkler systems look better than lawns without them. Burkholder’s Sir Sprinkler experts know how much water is optimal for various landscapes. We can ensure that each area of your yard gets the irrigation needed with zones and timers. In addition, drip systems will target specific plants or trees to get consistent water. With drip irrigation systems, adjacent areas receive little water, reducing the opportunity for weeds to flourish, saving you time, and preventing competition for nutrients and water.

Lawn and yard care is all about how much attention you give. Today you can accomplish the best results without physical, back-breaking labor by getting the right irrigation system and accompanying technology. A professional can provide you with the necessary information and install the right system for your lawn. Anyone can have a beautiful property as long as you invest in the right products.

Sprinkler irrigation system spraying on front lawn | Burkholder Landscape

3. Customization

Smart technology used in sprinkler systems can monitor weather forecasts and set the irrigation system timer to water your lawn accordingly, providing different amounts of water or water pressure. For example, some plants need a steady water supply in low quantities, so a drip watering system can provide water to those plants without overwatering them.

Today’s systems provide many different ways to customize your experience, from user-programmed to completely automated. For example, you can use voice commands to tell your sprinklers to turn on while watching TV or cooking dinner. With a few swipes on your smartphone while at work, you can change when your sprinklers turn on and off.

4. Conservation

When you have a heavy rainstorm, much of the water delivered to your lawn runs off, taking nutrients with it. A lawn sprinkler system installed by professionals allows you to water for short periods more often, which helps the water to remain in the area you want to irrigate. As a result, your system will conserve water, which will lower your water bill and help you save money in the long run while being environmentally friendly. In addition, rain sensor devices are available, which will prevent your sprinkler from running when the additional water is unnecessary.

If you are looking for the best way to be green and environmentally sound, you can gain more efficiency with a smart irrigation system. Smart sprinklers will be able to send the exact amount of water needed. In addition, the system will monitor the weather and account for any amount of incoming rain and dry spells. This can drastically increase your water conservation and the quality and condition of your lawn.

Call Burkholder for Professional Irrigation System Design and Installation

Summer is the time of year that many homeowners should look to getting sprinkler systems because those people can see the consequences of under-watering. Burkholder offers a free consultation and will design an irrigation and sprinkler system that is right for your landscape. The benefits of less time spent on your lawn and a lower water bill are great reasons to consider working with us. For more information about irrigation systems and our services, contact Burkholder today.