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What is Turf Care?

April 08, 2022

Cultivating a beautiful, pristine lawn requires care, and turf care is a significant component of caring for and maintaining a property. But what is turf care, and what does turf care involve? Many people think that turf care is the same as lawn care or yard care. This article will inform you about what turf care is, what is involved, and describe turf care mistakes to avoid.

What Is Turf, And How Do You Care For Turf?

Before getting into what turf care is, we first need to be clear about what turf is. You have probably heard the words turf, lawn, and yard used interchangeably throughout most of your life. While each of those words is quite similar in terms of their meaning, some notable differences lie between them. Turf is the soil on the ground surface that contains vegetation, usually grass. So when a landscape professional talks about turf, they refer to the layer of soil where the grass is planted.

Turf is also an artificial substitute for natural grasses, which is what you will likely find in sports fields. Turf grasses fall into 2 main categories: warm-season and cool-season grasses.

  • Warm-season grasses like Zoysia and St. Augustine thrive in hotter conditions.
  • Cool-season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass and perennial ryegrass can handle colder weather.

Turf care is the process of studying and making corrections to soil and grass. Some components of turf care include

  • soil analysis
  • fertilization
  • weed treatment

The goal of turf care is to make turf and lawn healthier, more resistant to pests and disease, and more beautiful and vibrant.

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Turf Care Mistakes People Make

Turf care may seem simple for most homeowners who want to keep their properties pristine. But on the other hand, many subtleties go into caring for turf and lawns that some homeowners may overlook or be unaware of. To help you avoid these issues and keep your turf and lawn healthy and beautiful, here are 4 turf care mistakes to avoid.

1. Underfeeding Lawns

Grass needs a fair amount of resources to grow throughout the year. Providing too little fertilizer will prevent your grass from looking great year-round. In addition, grass needs to have fertilizer at specific times during the year to maximize the benefits and the chances of looking good during challenging winter and summer seasons. Burkholder can provide turf and lawn care services, giving regular fertilizer and nutrients to your grass and ensuring all areas of your property receive the best care.

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2. Improper Watering

Another common turf mistake people make is improperly watering their grass or plants. For example, some homeowners opt to water their grass and plants for 5 to 10 minutes each day. In reality, watering for a longer amount of time and less often would be better. Deep watering provides enough water to travel deeper into the soil and absorb the roots. Weather can also affect how much to water grass. Hot temperatures mean additional watering, while rainfall may mean less or more depending on how much rainfall you get.

3. Mowing a Lawn Too Short

Grass plants grow root systems in proportion to their top growth, which means that when someone cuts their lawn too short, the grass is unable to make enough sugars for the roots to grow deeper into the soil. Those shallow roots can cause further turf and lawn issues, such as allowing the ground to absorb more sunlight, leading to weeds growing. Each grass type has a different ideal height, so reach out to Burkholder Landscape if you want to make sure your grass is the proper height.

4. Letting Weeds Grow

One of the other turf care mistakes people can make is inaction regarding weeds, letting them spread. Even a single weed can produce seeds to spread throughout an entire lawn, leading to more weeds down the road. By the time homeowners remove them, bare spots could appear that are fertile ground for even more weeds. A landscape professional can help you identify weeds early and has the tools and methods to remove them without harming your lawn.

Contact Burkholder Brothers for Turf Care Services

Do you want turf care services to enhance the look and vigor of your property? If so, contact Burkholder Brothers. Our team of passionate, knowledgeable, certified landscape professionals has years of experience in turf care. We offer various turf care services to address your needs. For more information on our services, request a free consultation today.