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What Is a Micro Irrigation System?

As homeowners look to better irrigate their landscapes while conserving water, micro irrigation systems have become popular choices. A micro irrigation system is a low-pressure, low-flow-rate form of irrigation designed to reduce overwatering in landscapes. Micro irrigation, also known as drip irrigation can help homeowners save water while still having a vibrant, lush landscape. Today we discuss how micro irrigation systems work, the benefits, and how drip irrigation can be added to your landscape.

How Does A Micro Irrigation System Work?

Micro irrigation systems work by running water through low-pressure, flexible tubing that runs across a landscape. Instead of delivering water to a big area, the irrigation system directly provides water to the root zone of plants or other relatively small areas. Water is also delivered more slowly and over a more extended time compared to other irrigation methods. By emphasizing efficiency, micro irrigation systems can have numerous benefits over conventional sprinkler systems.

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Benefits of a Micro Irrigation System

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The most apparent benefit of a micro irrigation system is improved water efficiency. The system targets the plant’s root zone, providing plants with sufficient water while using less water overall. The micro irrigation process allows the water that is delivered to reach the plant’s roots more efficiently. And by providing water directly to the root zone, drip irrigation prevents water runoff and minimizes evaporation. Overall, you will save money by reducing your water usage and make better use of your available water.

Micro irrigation also comes with a host of other benefits. For example, the bare areas of soil or mulch between plants receive far less water, which reduces the chance of weed growth. Another benefit of micro irrigation systems is their versatility and effectiveness in different landscapes. A drip system can work on sloping, hilly landscapes just as well as flat, even landscapes. These systems are especially useful at watering plants spaced widely apart, such as trees or flower beds.

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Adding Micro Irrigation to Your Landscape

You can incorporate micro irrigation, regardless of your current irrigation system or plant life. Drip irrigation systems can be installed into new plots of land as well as added or retrofitted onto existing irrigation and sprinkler systems. For example, you can have spray sprinklers to irrigate your lawn while drip emitters supply water slowly to your trees and flower beds. Thus, you get the benefits of reducing water costs, full coverage, and proper plant watering.

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