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The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

When days begin to get shorter and the nights become a little longer, homeowners start thinking about adding landscape lighting around their homes. Homeowners also need to think about what their biggest needs are and the potential benefits of outdoor lighting, such as safety illumination of all the beautiful plants and landscape features throughout your property.

4 Benefits of Natural Lighting

Below are some of the benefits of outdoor lighting use in your landscape.

Safety First

Path lighting in landscape during night | Benefits of outdoor lighting | Burkholder Brothers

One of the big benefits of outdoor lighting is improved safety. You want a safe outdoor living space, but darkness obscures tripping hazards, such as uneven ground. Landscape lighting increases safety by allowing you to see the area you are walking on, and illuminating any tripping or falling hazards. The improved safety is especially important during the winter months when the days get dark quicker, and icy patches are more prevalent.

One way of improving safety through lighting is by adding path lighting. Garden lights, downlights, stair lights, flush, or in-ground lights all add soft illumination to walkways. Stairs and steps in particular, are areas in which homeowners appreciate increased safety due to outdoor landscape lighting.

Home Security

Homes that lack lighting during nighttime are prime targets for burglars, because shadowy areas are easier for them to move in undetected. Having a well-lit house at night tells any would-be burglars that someone is home, and makes trespassers easier to spot. Some lights have motion detectors that can be activated by movement in your yard, which can deter trespassers from entering your property. Smart landscape lighting even allows the use of zones and timers that can be controlled by smart phone, But even landscape lighting that is designed to highlight architectural or landscape features will help prevent deep shadows in your yard.

Visual Appeal

Photo of backyard pool and kitchen during night | Benefits of outdoor lighting | Burkholder Brothers

Besides the practical benefits of outdoor lighting, your home and landscape become more beautiful and elegant with the right lighting. One example would be using accent lighting to accentuate individual plants or architectural features of your home. You can highlight special features on the exterior of your home, or stately trees, even in the dark. By lighting certain areas or features of your landscape, you create a welcoming, inviting atmosphere, add ambiance, and make your space more livable all day.

Expanded Time to Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor landscape lighting can extend the time you can spend outdoors. After all, why should your deck or patio go unused once the sun goes down? Outdoor living spaces are meant to be used, and many homeowners love to host evening barbeques, or have quiet conversations with friends and families. Outdoor bars, seating areas and fireplaces are accentuated and made more appealing at night when combined with a great outdoor lighting design.

Contact Burkholder Brothers to Get All the Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

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