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The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

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As the days are beginning to get shorter and the nights are becoming a little longer, you may want to start thinking about adding Landscape Lighting to your home and patio areas. Outdoor lighting can not only provide safety to your property it can also illuminate the beautiful plant material throughout your landscape. It is very important to think about what your needs are and how you plan on using outdoor lighting in and around your space. This will help you decide on what features will work best for you and your situation. Since there is a huge variety of options to choose from now a days, here are a few tips to help narrow your search.

  • Safety First! When most people hear the words “Outdoor Lighting,” they instantly think of safety. With choosing the proper fixtures you can not only effectively achieve this goal you can also illuminate your outdoor seating areas and structures in a beautiful way. Here are a few areas you want to focus your energy on when addressing a safe environment around the exterior of your home:
    • Walkways – you want to ensure that your guests can easily navigate safely along your walkways at all hours of the day.
    • Uplighting – By uplighting trees, your home and structures you are able to not only create ambiance throughout your gardens; you are providing illumination in some of the darkest areas of your landscape.
    • Hardscape Features – Most people believe spot lights mounted on the house is the best way to light up your driveways, entrances, sidewalks, patios, decks and pool areas… this is NOT the case. There is an array of different lighting fixtures out there that can provide the same amount of light in a more tasteful eloquent way.
  • What goes with Safe… Secure! People want the sense of security in and around their homes. Outdoor lighting can play a big part in that. By installing lighting elements with motion detectors that can be activated by movement in your yard, you can startle and deter curious critters and people from entering your property. A well-lit landscape suggests the property is cared for and well maintained thus discouraging trespassers.
  • Practically Picture Perfect! Besides the practical use of lighting in your landscape, it can also be used to create beauty and elegance to your gardens and seating areas. There is no reason why your gorgeous patio area should go unused once the sun goes down. Outdoor lighting can extend the use of these types of areas so you are able to spend more time in these spaces after dark. Another perk to adding landscape lighting to your home is to showcase special plants and spaces in your gardens. By putting certain trees and shrubs on display using lighting, you are able to instantly pull the eye to these areas of your yard because they are now attractively put on display. We like to call these pleasant splashes of light, “mood lighting!”

We hope these couple tips have helped answer most of your Nightscape Questions!


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