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The Benefits of Land Grading

Do you want to build in your backyard but find that your landscape is too hilly or uneven? If so, land grading can help make your landscape smooth, even, and more usable. Burkholder Landscape can re-grade property whether homeowners want to increase the landscape’s usability, make a level area for building special features, or to mitigate drainage issues.

What Is Land Grading?

Land grading is reshaping earth and soil so that the land is more stable and leveled than before. The grading process involves first digging up the selected areas and moving the dirt from one location to another, such as moving dirt from a high section of the land to a lower region. Once the earth has been moved, the professionals will smooth out the ground, and then permanent vegetation is established to stabilize the soil. After the vegetation has fully grown, the newly leveled surface can easily be used in any outdoor projects. Grading your land comes with numerous benefits, such as the aforementioned easier use in outdoor projects, and reduced erosion, surface runoff, and reduced damage to your home.

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1. Simpler Landscape Construction

Lounge area with firepit and chairs | Benefits of Land Grading | Burkholder Brothers

One of the main benefits of land grading for homeowners is that their landscape is easier to maintain and use for future projects. For example, a homeowner wants a nice, smooth stone walkway in the front of their home, but the front landscape is uneven, especially where the walkway would go. To make the walkway easier to build and safer to use, land grading can help make the front landscape level.

The same is especially true for larger-scale projects, such as patios or pools or outdoor kitchens. Homeowners want to use their beautiful landscapes and build on them, and land grading makes constructing those dream landscapes possible even if a yard has a slope.

2. Prevent Water Drainage Damage

Another primary reason homeowners get their landscape graded is improving water drainage and preventing damage to their homes from water pooling. Uneven land prevents proper water drainage, and during heavy rainfall, the water can flow towards the building rather than away. The water can potentially accumulate around the foundation, which can create cracks or, in worst-case-scenarios, flooding.

By reshaping the surface angle, land grading prevents water from building up around your home’s foundation and channels any water during rain or storms away from your home. Proper water drainage is crucial to any construction project, and when a skilled company performs land grading, the proper drainage channels are established and utilized to maintain your home’s integrity.

Before and after photos of land grading patio | Benefits of Land Grading | Burkholder Brothers

3. Use of Entire Landscape

Sloped yards can make parts of a landscape virtually unusable. For example, if a home is built on a steep slope that leads up to a back door, the back yard is unable to support a patio or other feature for outside enjoyment. By re-grading the land and carving out a flat surface, a patio can be built with steps leading down from the main level, and other features such as outdoor kitchens or fire pit areas can be added.

4. Healthier Landscape & Plants

Landscape irrigation planting bed | Benefits of Land Grading | Burkholder Brothers

In addition to preventing damage to your home, land grading can prevent damage to your landscape and make your plants healthier. Part of the reason land grading can improve plant health is the previously mentioned water drainage issues. During rainfall, the water can pool up in a specific lawn area, like the bottom of a hill. That water pooling can lead to grass and other plants becoming overwatered and eventually damaged. Plus, overwatered landscapes tend to attract mosquitos and other pests.

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If you want to get the benefits of land grading for your home, contact Burkholder Brothers. We use high-quality materials to create the finest landscapes for our customers. Burkholder has been designing and building quality, refined landscapes in the Main Line area for decades. Our team of passionate and experienced landscape professionals will work with you to create your dream backyard. For more information on our services, contact us today.