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5 Advantages of Techo-Bloc for Your Outdoor Projects

Implementing hardscaping and other human-made features in your landscape can help maximize your enjoyment of your home. Many Main Line homeowners work with a landscaping and hardscaping company near them to create their ideal outdoor living spaces. One of the ways landscape design companies like Burkholder create those outdoor spaces is by using Techo-Bloc pavers. Today we explore advantages of Techo-Bloc pavers in outdoor projects that improve your home landscape.

Add Function and Value to Your Home with Techo-Bloc Walkways

What is Techo-Bloc?

Techo-Bloc is a brand of stone pavers. The company manufactures the pavers from aggregates of granite and sand. The processes that Techo-Bloc uses make the pavers tough and durable. In addition to their strength, the pavers retain an organic, natural stone appearance to blend in with outdoor environments naturally. The pavers are versatile enough to be used in different areas of your landscape. Techo-Bloc pavers come in various colors and textures so you can easily find the ideal pavers for your desired style and aesthetic.

Advantages of Techo-Bloc Pavers

Contractors and homeowners have a lot of reasons for choosing Techo-Bloc. Below are 5 of the advantages of Techo-Bloc pavers in outdoor projects that improve your home landscape.

front stone walk with manicured plant beds and columned entrance | advantages of techo bloc pavers | Burkholder Landscape

1. Withstand Harsh Weather and Climate

Pennsylvania residents experience some weather extremes throughout the year. Winters and summers can be particularly tough on structures and landscapes. Techo-Bloc paving stones are tested with salt water to ensure the pavers resist salt damage from repeated exposure during cold winters. Even in northern climates that experience frequent freezes and thaws, Techo-Bloc pavers are engineered to withstand harsh weather.

2. Natural Beauty

Pleasing aesthetics is another one of the advantages of Techo-Bloc pavers, thanks to consistent coloring. Even as the pavers become worn, the color stays the same because the manufacturing process creates complete pigmentation throughout the stone. This process prevents fading over time. In addition, Techo-Bloc pavers come in several colors, sizes, and shapes, allowing the creation of beautifully patterned patios, walkways, or pool decks to suit any style. For example, some pavers have a smooth texture and neutral colors that are well-suited for a modern style. Other pavers have a more textured, rustic appearance.

3. Strength and Safety

One of the critical advantages of Techo-Bloc is that the pavers balance natural beauty and durability. As mentioned, Techo-Bloc paving stones are made of fine granite aggregates instead of the limestone often used in other pavers. Granite makes the pavers more durable and longer-lasting and minimizes the absorption of water that could otherwise damage the stone. Techo-Bloc pavers are nearly 3 times stronger than poured concrete, with a minimum compressive strength of 8,000 psi. Techo-Bloc pavers are also less slippery when wet and stay cooler than concrete, making them an excellent paver choice for pool decks.

Techo Bloc pavers used on patio | advantages of techo bloc pavers | Burkholder Landscape

4. Versatility

Techo-Bloc pavers are highly versatile and are used in numerous outdoor areas and projects. For example, you might want to create a pathway from your front yard to the back yard. You may also want to build a pool deck and surround or a backyard outdoor kitchen. Whatever outdoor project you have, Techo-Bloc pavers offer you a balance of aesthetics and strength. And with many different colors and tones, these pavers can seamlessly blend in with your landscape or they can be used to create striking contrasts!

5. Flexibility

One common issue homeowners encounter with pavers is that the pavers shift or crack over time. This issue is less likely to occur with Techo-Bloc pavers as their engineering helps them handle the freeze/thaw cycles that

occur in Pennsylvania. Joints between the pavers create flexibility, avoiding cracking, while still allowing slight movement. When properly installed, these pavers interlock with each other to form a solid surface that will stay in place as time goes by. This sturdy structure limits the cracking and fracturing of the pavers as well. Having interlocked paving stones helps ensure that the walkway or patio installed will last many years.

Call Burkholder Brothers for the Advantages of Techo-Bloc Pavers in Your Project

Techo-Bloc is a high-quality, versatile paver that can be used anywhere within your outdoor landscape. If you want to implement Techo-Bloc into your landscape, Burkholder Brothers is the one-stop shop for hardscape and landscape design near you. Burkholder’s hardscape and landscape contractors have years of experience serving Main Line Philadelphia communities in professional landscape design, installation, and maintenance. To learn more about the advantages of Techo-Bloc pavers for your home and learn about the many options available, contact us today!

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4 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas to Keep Your Yard Beautiful

Front yard landscaping is an excellent way to enhance the beauty and value of your home. An appealing front yard adds curb appeal and makes the home more inviting. A welcoming front yard is your opportunity to make an impression on all who see your home. Thankfully, you have plenty of ways to enhance your front yard. To help inspire you, below are a few ideas to transform your front yard.

See Our Portfolios for Inspiration

1. Softscaping

Updating and maintaining your front yard landscape is always a good option. Trees make your front yard more visually appealing. Mature trees can add property value and reduce cooling and heating costs. Colorful, vibrant plants and thoughtful garden design keep your front lawn looking lively and attractive. A manicured lawn also increases a front yard’s value and beauty. Adding softscaping features and maintaining them can significantly improve your front yard’s natural beauty. Our sister company, Burkholder PHC can help keep your valuable plants thriving with plant health care programs.

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2. Outdoor Lighting

flowers and trees in front of a home with an awning - frony yard landscaping - Burkholder Landscape

Outdoor residential lighting can brighten up your front yard landscaping in several ways. First, you can use lighting on specific plants or trees in your front yard, making your foliage stand out more and adding atmosphere during the night. If your front yard has shrubs or flower beds you want to act as focal points, uplighting can help highlight them.

Landscape lights can show off your front walkway’s design and make the walkway safer. The right outdoor lighting design will create a welcoming ambiance and add to your home security. Let us show you some outdoor lighting options if you are looking for a simple, effective way to add beauty and safety to your front yard.

Learn About Outdoor Lighting

3. Walkways

Another excellent idea for improving your front yard landscaping is to incorporate custom walkways. Walkways provide both value and functionality to your front yard. Paved walkways give yards a cohesive, beautiful appearance, which enhances your enjoyment and the front yard’s attractiveness to potential buyers or neighbors. In addition, walkways can connect points of interest in your yard and protect your grass and plant beds. A walkway made of stone, brick, or other materials also improves safety by evening out rough or steep terrain, allowing you and your guests to traverse your property easily.

View Custom Walkways

front stone walk with manicured plant beds and columned entrance - Benefits of Landscape Design include increased property value - Burkholder Landscape
Sprinklers in front yard landscaping - Burkholder Landscape

4. Smart Irrigation Systems

One of the best methods for keeping your front yard healthy is irrigation. An automatic irrigation system helps keep your lawn lush and green and your plant beds vibrant, even during scorching hot summers. Smart technologies such as rain sensors can help prevent overwatering, saving you money and water while keeping the lawn beautiful. Wi-Fi sprinkler control apps on your mobile phone provide even greater flexibility. Irrigation is crucial for a well-maintained front yard and a smart irrigation system will maximize curb appeal by keeping your front yard looking superb.

Learn About Sir Sprinkler Irrigation

Contact Burkholder Brothers for Front Yard Landscaping Services

Make your front yard more appealing and beautiful with Burkholder Brothers. Our team of experienced, passionate landscapers has served Main Line area residents for decades. We provide a full range of landscape design services, including outdoor lighting design and installation of outdoor structures. In addition, we work with you to create and maintain a beautiful, immaculate landscape. If you are interested in front yard landscaping, contact Burkholder Brothers today!

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How Do Walkways Impact Curb Appeal?

One of the aspects of a landscape that can affect curb appeal and that is overlooked by homeowners is a walkway. Walkways impact curb appeal because they are often the first thing people see. They can also act as boundaries, leading to special features or entertaining areas in a landscape. Many different factors go into whether a walkway helps with a house’s curb appeal, from the location and layout of the walkway to its shape and design. Of course, aesthetics matter, too, so materials and lighting can also affect how people see your home. Look at this Burkholder Landscape walkway upgrade project. We used natural stone and Techo-bloc products to create a level area for an inviting bluestone walkway, allowing space for colorful plantings and landscape lighting.

See Our Walkway Portfolio

  • House walkway before upgrade | Walkways Impact Curb Appeal | Burkholder Landscape

    Before Walkway Upgrade

  • Side of house walkway | Walkways Impact Curb Appeal | Burkholder Landscape

    Before Walkway Upgrade

  • After Walkway Upgrade

  • After Walkway Upgrade


Your walkway’s location and connections are important. A walkway should connect the entrances of your home, like the front or side door, with the areas guests are likely to park when visiting. For example, if guests park in your driveway, the walkway should connect the driveway to the front door to create an easy path. Inviting, welcoming entrances and clear pathways for people to use makes a house more appealing. Consider connecting the walkway to the sidewalk, if your street has one.


A straight or curved shape is one of the choices homeowners must make when building a walkway. Each shape has advantages regarding aesthetics and more practical effects. For example, straight walkways are traditional, simple to maintain, and work best in small front yards where homeowners may lack space to build extensive, winding walkways.

On the other hand, curved walkways are more visually pleasing and eye-catching and work well for homes with large front yards. In addition, with curved walkways, you can create large planting beds in front of your house, adding more curb appeal.

Slopes & Steps

While walkways impact curb appeal, a walkway can also impact how safe your property is and how people can safely enter and exit your home. Many homeowners here in Pennsylvania live on sloped landscapes. Add steps to your walkway when you have a slope in your yard. Also, you may wish to avoid single steps when possible, as single steps can create tripping hazards.

Front stone walk with manicured plant beds and columned entrance | Burkholder Landscape
Front Walkway full-color Irregular Flagstones | Walkway | Burkholder Landscape


The material you choose for your walkway is integral to curb appeal. In addition, your walkway will be exposed to the elements, so you have some questions to consider when deciding what type of material will work best for your home.

  • What material most complements your home’s aesthetics and style?
  • Is your landscape sloped or flat?
  • What kind of weather does your area get?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you can choose the materials that will most positively impact your curb appeal. With Burkholder, your landscape designer can help you decide on the best materials for your individual project.

Some possible materials you might choose are:

Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone can add a rustic or luxurious look, depending on the type and finish. In addition, natural stone has anti-slip characteristics, ideal for creating a safe, organic-looking walkway.

Techo-Bloc Pavers

We often use Techo-Bloc in our projects. These pavers are high-quality, durable, and attractive. They also offer a high degree of customization and are easy to maintain.

Brick Pavers

Brick is a popular choice for walkways and edging and is available in many colors and sizes. If cared for properly, brick materials can withstand heavy foot traffic without showing signs of wear after years of service.


Lighting is an essential element of walkway design that improves safety and can enhance how walkways impact curb appeal. Lighting can create a safe and welcoming space. In addition, if you want to highlight features of or near the walkway, lighting is an excellent way to do so. You could install lighting to make colorful plantings or trees visible at night or add lighting under stairs to highlight their presence. Outdoor lighting adds to curb appeal because the lights make your property and outdoor space look better and safer.

Contact Burkholder to Begin Designing Your Custom Walkway

Now that you see how walkways impact curb appeal, the next step is to create the ideal walkway for your home. Whatever effect you want from your walkway, Burkholder’s designers will help you achieve the look you want. For over 25 years, Burkholder Brothers has been helping Main Line homeowners create their ideal landscapes. Contact us today to get started on yours!

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