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What is Turf Care?

Cultivating a lush, healthy lawn requires dedicated care, with turf care a crucial aspect of property maintenance. But what is turf care exactly , and what does this practice entail? Many homeowners often confuse caring for turf with general lawn or yard maintenance. This article will clarify what turf care is, the components, and common mistakes to avoid, all to help you better understand and manage your turf.

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What Is Turf, And How Do You Care For Turf?

Before delving into the complexities of turf care, let us start with the basics. You have probably heard the terms ‘turf,’ ‘lawn,’ and ‘yard’ used interchangeably. While these terms are similar, there are some key differences. Turf refers to the topsoil layer supporting grass or other plants. So, when we talk about caring for or maintaining turf, we refer to this soil layer and the grass it supports.

Turf is also an artificial substitute for natural grasses, commonly used in sports fields. These turf grasses can be categorized into two main types: warm-season grasses and cool-season grasses.

  • Warm-season grasses like Zoysia and St. Augustine thrive in hotter conditions.
  • Cool-season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass and perennial ryegrass can handle colder weather.

Turf care is the process of studying and correcting soil and grass. Some of the specific services involved include the following:

  • Soil analysis
  • Fertilization
  • Weed treatment
  • Proper watering techniques
  • Mowing and maintenance
  • Pest control

Caring for turf is about more than simply maintaining the appearance of your lawn. Instead, a turf care program is about making a healthier lawn more resistant to pests and disease and more beautiful and vibrant. By investing in turf care, you invest in your property’s long-term health and beauty.

Person laying sod | what is turf care | Burkholder Landscape

Turf Care Mistakes People Make

Turf care may seem simple for most homeowners who want to keep their properties pristine. The various aspects of turf care can be complicated, so many homeowners make mistakes when going the DIY route, such as overlooking or being unaware of the subtleties of caring for turf and lawns. To help you avoid these issues and keep your turf and lawn healthy and beautiful, here are 4 common turf care mistakes to avoid.

1. Underfeeding Lawns

Grass needs a fair amount of resources to grow throughout the year. Providing too little fertilizer will prevent your grass from looking great year-round. In addition, grass needs fertilizer at specific times during the year to maximize the benefits and the chances of looking good during challenging winter and summer seasons. Burkholder can provide turf and lawn care services, giving regular balanced fertilizers and nutrients to your grass and ensuring all areas of your property receive the best care.

Landscaping backyard turf | what is turf care | Burkholder Landscape

2. Improper Watering

Another common turf mistake people make is improperly watering their grass or plants. For example, some homeowners water their grass and plants for 5 to 10 minutes daily. In reality, watering for a longer amount of time and less often would be better. Deep watering provides enough water to travel deeper into the soil and absorb the roots. Weather can also affect how much water the grass needs. Hot temperatures mean additional watering will be needed, while rainfall may mean less watering, depending on the amount of rain you get.

3. Mowing a Lawn Too Short

Grass plants grow root systems in proportion to their top growth, which means that when someone cuts their lawn too short, the grass is unable to make enough sugars for the roots to grow deeper into the soil.

Those shallow roots can cause further turf and lawn issues, such as allowing the ground to absorb more sunlight so weed growth occurs. Each grass type has a different ideal height, and the experts at Burkholder Landscape ensure your grass is cut to a proper height for health.

4. Letting Weeds Grow

One of the other turf care mistakes people can make is inaction regarding weeds, which allows them to spread. A single weed can produce seeds to spread throughout an entire lawn, leading to more weeds down the road. When homeowners remove them, bare spots that are fertile ground for even more weeds could appear. A landscape professional can help you identify weeds early and has the tools and methods to remove them without harming your lawn.

Contact Burkholder Brothers for Turf Care Services

Now that you know the answer to “What is turf care?” do you want turf care services to enhance the look and vigor of your property? If so, contact Burkholder Brothers to help cultivate a healthy green landscape. Our team of passionate, knowledgeable, certified landscape professionals has years of experience in turf care. We offer various turf care services to address your needs and help to make a beautiful lawn for you. For more information on our services, request a free consultation today.

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Is Overseeding Lawns in Spring Ideal?

Every homeowner wants to keep their lawn looking full and beautiful, but sometimes, issues arise to make having the perfect landscape difficult. Hot, dry weather, pests and diseases, and many other factors can leave lawns looking thin and unhealthy. When those problems occur, overseeding is a solution that can help mitigate and prevent some of the issues homeowners face. But when is the best time to overseed a lawn, and why? Spring is an ideal time, and below we discuss the benefits of overseeding lawns in spring.

Learn More about Overseeding Here

What is Overseeding a Lawn?

Overseeding is spreading grass seed over an existing lawn without turning the soil. A lawn care professional will overseed a lawn for various reasons, from correcting a thinning lawn to adding more color (creating a full green lawn) or introducing enhanced grass varieties. While overseeding is a great step to maintaining a healthy, lush lawn, like other landscaping processes, choosing the best time is crucial to success.

When Should Overseeding Be Done?

The best time to overseed your property depends on where you live. For Pennsylvanians, most of whom have cool-season grass lawns, that means overseeding in spring. Spring brings favorable conditions for the new turf seeds.

During spring, the soil retains moisture well enough and is warm enough to support germination. The weather is also more temperate than mid-to-late summer, which is ideal for newly planted, tender grass to develop and grow. Grass will also get plenty of sunlight since your trees will likely have fewer leaves than in summer.

If you decide to overseed your lawn during spring, reach out to a turf care professional

Lawn with holes | overseeding lawns in spring | Burkholder Brothers

as early as possible to give the grass the most time to grow before the hot, dry summer kicks in. Fall is another option for overseeding, as the environmental conditions for proper turf growth (cooler air, moist soil, sunlight) are suitable. Summer and winter are generally poor times to start overseeding, as the temperatures are too extreme and can be a detriment to the new grass.

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Landscaping backyard turf, plan your 2020 backyard paradise, Burkholder

What Are The Benefits of Overseeding Lawns?

Whether you decide on spring or fall, overseeding lawns benefits your property. As previously mentioned, overseeding is a good solution if your lawn suffers from thinning due to drought, insect, or disease damage. So, if your grass looks thin and sparse or has patches of dead grass, overseeding can make your lawn thicker, fuller, and healthier.

The newly planted grass seeds can also prevent future issues. If a lawn looks bare, thin, or has a brown color, the grass may be stressed and vulnerable to pests and diseases. While overseeding grass, landscape professionals can use new grass varieties that are healthier, more disease-resistant, and deal better with stress.

In addition to making a lawn fuller and healthier, overseeding is also a great way to

maintain a uniform property without an entire renovation. Instead of having to renovate your current lawn with new sod, landscape professionals can add new seeds. Combine this with the proper watering and maintenance, and you can have a lush yard relatively quickly.

Common Questions About Overseeding

If you are considering overseeding your lawn, you may have questions about the process. Below are 3 of the most common questions people have about overseeding.

Will Overseeding Kill Weeds in Your Lawn?

Overseeding will not directly kill existing weeds but can help prevent new ones from growing.
A thick, healthy lawn with dense grass blades shades the soil, making a less hospitable environment for weed seeds to germinate.

A dense lawn also forces weeds to compete for water and nutrients. So, overseeding is a great strategy to create a thicker lawn that prevents weeds over time. However, if you already have many weeds in your lawn, we recommend treating/removing those weeds before overseeding.

How Do Lawn Overseeding and Lawn Aeration Work Together?

Overseeding and aeration are complementary lawn care techniques that create a thicker, healthier lawn. Here is a breakdown of how they relate to each other:

  • Overseeding involves spreading grass seed over an existing lawn to fill in bare patches, thicken up thin areas, and introduce new grass varieties.
  • Lawn aeration, on the other hand, loosens compacted soil by creating small holes or cores throughout the lawn. This allows air, water, and nutrients to reach the grass roots in the deeper layers of soil more efficiently, which aids healthy growth.

These two techniques work together because aeration creates openings in the soil, providing an excellent spot for grass seeds to land and germinate during overseeding. Without aeration, these new seeds might sit on top of the hard, compacted soil and fail to establish themselves. The result is improved seed-to-soil contact.

Another benefit of combining these lawn techniques is establishing strong grass roots. The loosened soil from aeration allows grass roots to grow deeper and stronger, making them more efficient at absorbing water and nutrients. This is especially beneficial for new grass seedlings trying to establish themselves.

Can Overseeding Change the Type of Grass on a Lawn?

Overseeding introduces new grass seeds to fill bare patches, thicken up thin areas, and introduce new grass varieties rather than replace the existing grass.

If you want or need a different type of grass for your lawn, a full renovation may be better than overseeding. A lawn renovation involves removing the existing sod and then seeding with a new type of grass seed or installing new sod. Contact us, and we can advise you on the ideal plan to get healthy grass and a more vibrant-looking property.

Contact Burkholder Landscape for Overseeding & Turf Care Services

Do you want to have a vibrant, healthy lawn? If so, contact Burkholder Landscape. Our team of passionate, knowledgeable landscape professionals has years of experience in turf care and our professionals are certified and trained in turf care best practices. We also offer many other services that will benefit your lawn, such as irrigation, landscape design, and more. Our sister company Burkholder PHC offers plant health care. Our history has many examples of working with Main Line area residents to beautify their properties. For more information on overseeding lawns in spring or our services, request a free consultation today.

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5 Advantages of Techo-Bloc for Your Outdoor Projects

Implementing hardscaping and other human-made features in your landscape can help maximize your enjoyment of your home. Many Main Line homeowners work with a landscaping and hardscaping company near them to create their ideal outdoor living spaces. One of the ways landscape design companies like Burkholder create those outdoor spaces is by using Techo-Bloc pavers. Today we explore advantages of Techo-Bloc pavers in outdoor projects that improve your home landscape.

Add Function and Value to Your Home with Techo-Bloc Walkways

What is Techo-Bloc?

Techo-Bloc is a brand of stone pavers. The company manufactures the pavers from aggregates of granite and sand. The processes that Techo-Bloc uses make the pavers tough and durable. In addition to their strength, the pavers retain an organic, natural stone appearance to blend in with outdoor environments naturally. The pavers are versatile enough to be used in different areas of your landscape. Techo-Bloc pavers come in various colors and textures so you can easily find the ideal pavers for your desired style and aesthetic.

Advantages of Techo-Bloc Pavers

Contractors and homeowners have a lot of reasons for choosing Techo-Bloc. Below are 5 of the advantages of Techo-Bloc pavers in outdoor projects that improve your home landscape.

front stone walk with manicured plant beds and columned entrance | advantages of techo bloc pavers | Burkholder Landscape

1. Withstand Harsh Weather and Climate

Pennsylvania residents experience some weather extremes throughout the year. Winters and summers can be particularly tough on structures and landscapes. Techo-Bloc paving stones are tested with salt water to ensure the pavers resist salt damage from repeated exposure during cold winters. Even in northern climates that experience frequent freezes and thaws, Techo-Bloc pavers are engineered to withstand harsh weather.

2. Natural Beauty

Pleasing aesthetics is another one of the advantages of Techo-Bloc pavers, thanks to consistent coloring. Even as the pavers become worn, the color stays the same because the manufacturing process creates complete pigmentation throughout the stone. This process prevents fading over time. In addition, Techo-Bloc pavers come in several colors, sizes, and shapes, allowing the creation of beautifully patterned patios, walkways, or pool decks to suit any style. For example, some pavers have a smooth texture and neutral colors that are well-suited for a modern style. Other pavers have a more textured, rustic appearance.

3. Strength and Safety

One of the critical advantages of Techo-Bloc is that the pavers balance natural beauty and durability. As mentioned, Techo-Bloc paving stones are made of fine granite aggregates instead of the limestone often used in other pavers. Granite makes the pavers more durable and longer-lasting and minimizes the absorption of water that could otherwise damage the stone. Techo-Bloc pavers are nearly 3 times stronger than poured concrete, with a minimum compressive strength of 8,000 psi. Techo-Bloc pavers are also less slippery when wet and stay cooler than concrete, making them an excellent paver choice for pool decks.

Techo Bloc pavers used on patio | advantages of techo bloc pavers | Burkholder Landscape

4. Versatility

Techo-Bloc pavers are highly versatile and are used in numerous outdoor areas and projects. For example, you might want to create a pathway from your front yard to the back yard. You may also want to build a pool deck and surround or a backyard outdoor kitchen. Whatever outdoor project you have, Techo-Bloc pavers offer you a balance of aesthetics and strength. And with many different colors and tones, these pavers can seamlessly blend in with your landscape or they can be used to create striking contrasts!

5. Flexibility

One common issue homeowners encounter with pavers is that the pavers shift or crack over time. This issue is less likely to occur with Techo-Bloc pavers as their engineering helps them handle the freeze/thaw cycles that

occur in Pennsylvania. Joints between the pavers create flexibility, avoiding cracking, while still allowing slight movement. When properly installed, these pavers interlock with each other to form a solid surface that will stay in place as time goes by. This sturdy structure limits the cracking and fracturing of the pavers as well. Having interlocked paving stones helps ensure that the walkway or patio installed will last many years.

Call Burkholder Brothers for the Advantages of Techo-Bloc Pavers in Your Project

Techo-Bloc is a high-quality, versatile paver that can be used anywhere within your outdoor landscape. If you want to implement Techo-Bloc into your landscape, Burkholder Brothers is the one-stop shop for hardscape and landscape design near you. Burkholder’s hardscape and landscape contractors have years of experience serving Main Line Philadelphia communities in professional landscape design, installation, and maintenance. To learn more about the advantages of Techo-Bloc pavers for your home and learn about the many options available, contact us today!

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2024 Landscape Design Trends to Improve Your Landscape

Now that 2024 is in full swing, many homeowners will be thinking about their landscaping goals and projects for the year. Burkholder offers some 2024 landscape design trends to incorporate into home landscapes. Now is the time to meet with your hardscape and landscape contractor, and these trends for 2024 are versatile and practical enough to be suitable for any property.
Learn About Our Design Process

Learn About Our Design Process


In 2024, hardscape landscape design trends focus on creating luxurious and functional outdoor spaces. One of the standout themes is “Quiet Luxury,” which emphasizes timeless design with a focus on natural and elegant materials. Warm tones are being introduced to offer a cozy and inviting atmosphere in outdoor spaces. The use of natural stone is also prominent, with products like sandstone slabs and granite colors often being chosen to add a touch of sophistication and durability to outdoor designs.


Sustainability is a key trend, with the integration of permeable pavers that add aesthetic value and address environmental concerns by minimizing runoff and pollutants. Creative use of outdoor spaces is encouraged, transforming areas like slopes or outdoor stairways into multi-level edible gardens or incorporating floral-patterned patio slabs to enhance greenery.


Trends in paver shapes and colors are aligning with modern architectural designs, incorporating different combinations such as hexagons and diamonds to complement contemporary homes. Patio preferences are adapting to property sizes, with more compact designs using smaller pavers for smaller lots and bigger pavers or slabs for expansive patios with designated areas for entertainment spaces. The incorporation of bold patterns and textures is also on the rise in 2024 landscape design trends. Linear designs and creative curves are making their way into hardscape features, bringing

Walkway and Steps Natural Slab | Steps and Stairs | Burkholder Landscape

dynamic shapes and movement into outdoor spaces. This trend includes the use of paver mosaics for circular patterns and the strategic placement of pavers to create engaging visual effects. You might see a section of pavers surrounded by darker or lighter pavers to create a space separation or just a pleasing aesthetic.

These trends reflect a shift towards more sustainable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor living spaces, highlighting the importance of integrating hardscape elements that not only complement the home’s architecture but also enhance the overall outdoor experience.

  • Patterned pavers in a pool surround - 2024 landscape design trends -Burkholder Landscape

  • Mixed material walkway and floor of a pavilion and seating area - Burkholder Landscape

  • Overhead of pool with seating under umbrella in a home's backyard -Burkholder Landscape

Outdoor Kitchens and Dining Areas

Outdoor kitchens in 2024 are evolving to cater to contemporary homeowners’ needs for spaces that go beyond cooking to entertaining, relaxing, and connecting with nature. The focus is on modular designs that offer flexibility to match personal lifestyle needs and environmental consciousness with the use of eco-friendly materials. Gas grills continue to dominate due to their convenience, but people seem to have a growing interest in versatile cooking options like pizza ovens and Kamado-style grills. The design of these outdoor spaces is also integrating multipurpose areas that combine cooking with entertainment and relaxation zones.

In addition to these trends, outdoor decks are seeing innovations like fire features for warmth and ambiance, eco-friendly designs utilizing sustainable materials, and modular furniture for adaptable layouts. Smart technology is also making its way outdoors, with AI-powered gadgets, including grills and other appliances enhancing the functionality and convenience of these spaces. Statement lighting in outdoor kitchen areas is key for setting the right mood and ensuring safety after sunset.

Outdoor Lighting

Great lighting for a patio, deck, path, pool, or other focal points in the backyard will always be popular. Outdoor lighting design trends in 2024 are focusing on blending functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating inviting and sophisticated outdoor spaces.

Smart Lighting

One of the key trends is the integration of smart outdoor lighting systems. These systems offer convenience and customizability, allowing homeowners to control lighting through smartphone apps, schedule lighting to match the natural daylight cycle, and choose from hundreds of presets to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. This trend also includes smart security lighting, which adds an extra layer of security with motion detection and alerts.

Ambient and Invisible Lighting

Both ambient and invisible lighting play essential roles in creating inviting and functional outdoor spaces. Ambient lighting is gaining popularity for its ability to create a warm and inviting outdoor atmosphere. This trend includes diffused wall light fixtures and string lights, utilizing materials like rattan and wicker to provide a soft glow that enhances the coziness of outdoor areas.

Invisible lighting blends the illumination into the landscape. Techniques such as lighting the vital points and junctures of a path and hiding the lights that brighten up the home landscape are elements of invisible lighting landscaping trends. For example, long, linear lights beneath landscape structures create the illusion of floating structures. People are becoming more interested in seeing the light rather than the lighting fixtures, so invisible lighting will continue to gain traction in 2024.

Specific lighting trends such as bistro or string lights, moonlighting from trees, pool area lighting, hardscape lighting around fire pits, and safety lighting for natural stone steps are other popular trends. These trends focus on creating specific moods and enhancing safety in outdoor spaces, transforming them into functional, and attractive areas for various uses.

By embracing these trends, homeowners can create outdoor spaces that are functional and safe and also align with modern aesthetic preferences, making the outdoor areas an extension of their indoor living spaces.

Learn About Burkholder Outdoor Lighting Design

Low-Maintenance Landscape Care

While many people love spending time outdoors, most of them likely prefer spending their time relaxing or playing outdoors instead of working. As a result, homeowners continue looking for ways to keep their landscape beautiful and make lawn care more manageable and convenient.

Native Plants in Landscape Design

While many people love spending time outdoors, most of them likely prefer spending their time relaxing or playing outdoors instead of working. As a result, homeowners continue looking for ways to keep their landscape beautiful and make lawn care more manageable and convenient.

One of the most obvious ways, and one of the 2024 landscape design trends that looks to sustainability, is the addition of native plants. Incorporating native plants and drought-tolerant species into landscape design offers numerous benefits for homeowners. These plants are inherently adaptable to the local climate, requiring minimal maintenance and water once established. Their ability to thrive in challenging conditions makes them ideal for landscapes in the Main Line area, where we get cold, snowy winters and hot, dry summers.
By choosing native plants and drought-tolerant species, homeowners can create beautiful, functional outdoor spaces that require less upkeep and contribute to the sustainability of the local environment.

In addition to native plants, natural stone for patios, shrubs, and trees can help create a beautiful, unique landscape while needing minimal care. Using natural elements and intelligent design, you can maintain quality and a low-maintenance landscape more efficiently in 2024 than in previous years. And, of course, many residents choose to have professionals, like Burkholder’s professional maintenance team, take care of lawn mowing, tree and shrub pruning, and bed maintenance. Our sister company, Burkholder PHC, offers comprehensive plant health care to keep valuable landscape plants and trees thriving.

Learn About Burkholder Plant Health Care

Start Planning Your New Landscaping Design Project Today

Burkholder’s team of landscapers and designers has the skills and passion for creating your ideal landscape. Our landscape professionals have served Main Line communities like Malvern, Villanova, and Bryn Mawr for decades, understanding their needs and providing all landscaping services. Contact us today to learn more about 2024 landscape design trends or our services.

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Plan Ahead for the Summer Landscaping Design of Your Dreams

Wintery weather has come to Pennsylvania, and many residents have been cozying up in their homes, dreaming of going someplace tropical to escape. While those plans are fun to imagine, and those trips fun to experience, you could be making plans to turn your home into a dream escape for year-round enjoyment. Now is one of the best times to set those summer landscaping design plans into motion so that you can ensure that your staycation location is ready in time for warm weather.

Learn About Our Landscape Design

Advantages to Planning Your Summer Landscaping Design Projects in the Spring

Some may think that February and March are too early to begin planning landscape projects, but they may be unaware of all the steps that have to be taken before they can even break ground. Burkholder has been designing and building Main Line landscapes for over 25 years, so we can offer experienced advice about the planning process.

Associations Will Have Time to Approve Plans and Issue Permits

Many communities have architectural committees who have to approve any major changes to homes and landscapes. Planning ahead gives you time to submit your designs and get the approval and proper building permits issued. Having these things in place will save a lot of frustration for you.

double sided fireplace with entertainment system and pergola - Burkholder
Backyard Oasis with pool, rock waterfall, pavilion and deck | After Picture of ew Landscaping Project In Malvern | Burkholder Landscape

You Will Get Ahead of the Rush

    In our experience, by the time spring arrives, our construction teams are booked 6-8 weeks ahead. If you have your heart set on a Memorial Day celebration in your new pool area and using your new outdoor kitchen, you have to plan to begin early.

    You Will Have a More Relaxed Design Process

    Designers will have a more flexible schedule in the cold months before spring. They will be able to spend more time on your individual summer landscaping design project, gathering ideas and helping you work through the planning process.

    Summer Landscape Design Options To Inspire You

    What are you dreaming of for your perfect landscape? We have lots of landscape ideas!

    • A flower garden is great for improving curb appeal in the front yard or for adding lush colors in your backyard landscape. Plants, flowers and shrubs can create various areas of interest in beds, inside retaining walls, or around the borders of your outdoor space.
    • An outdoor fireplace or firepit with cozy furniture is perfect for creating a gathering place with ambiance for your family and friends.
    • Water features, like pools, are wonderful on summer days, and including hot tubs will make spending time outdoors on cooler evenings more enjoyable.
    • Dining areas that include outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens or bars make entertaining a breeze. Choose the perfect furniture for comfort and style.

    Outdoor Fireplace with Seating Area on Natural Stone Patio - Burkholder Landscape

    Call Burkholder Summer Landscaping Designs

    Now is the time to get your plans mapped out for your summer landscaping design projects. Burkholder’s professional landscape design and build team will spend time with you to learn exactly what you hope to accomplish, then help you plan the outdoor living space of your dreams. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

    PA HIC #035148

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    Exciting Things to Do for The Holidays In PA

    Many holiday happenings in Pennsylvania are exciting and can bring the whole family together. In keeping with the season’s spirit, we have handpicked a few things to do for the holidays near Main Line, Pennsylvania, where you and your family can participate and create memorable experiences.

    Visit Our Holiday Market

    Miracle on South 13th Street and Smedley Street Christmas Spectacular

    The Miracle on South 13th Street and the Smedley Street Christmas Spectacular are two neighborhoods in Philadelphia where the houses are decked out in holiday decorations. People from all over the region come to drive through and admire the stunning light and decoration displays. These attractions have a unique and lively energy, showcasing the collaborative effort of hundreds of people in Philly.

    A Longwood Gardens Christmas

    A regular thing to do for the holidays, Longwood Gardens offers an exceptional experience of beauty during the holiday season. The Christmas display showcases over 500,000 twinkling lights illuminating magnificent trees, delicate horticultural wonders, and breathtaking garden architecture. Enchanting fountain displays are choreographed to festive melodies, so bundle up, grab a warm drink, and explore this dazzling winter wonderland.

    Old City Philadelphia

    Old City Philadelphia is the “most historic square mile in America,” where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were created. The Betsy Ross House and Elfreth’s Alley, the oldest residential street in America dating back to 1703, are beautifully decorated during this time of the year. Stroll around Independence Hall to see horse-drawn carriage rides through the historic district’s cobblestone streets.

    Natural twig archway at Longwood Gardens Conservatory- Holiday Things to do in PA - Burkholder
    Dilworth Park Wintergarden building - Holiday Things to do in PA - Burkholder

    Winter at Dilworth Park

    Experience the magic of Winter at Dilworth Park, located in the heart of Philadelphia, through February 25th. The iconic City Hall is transformed into a festive wonderland with various attractions and activities:

    • A dazzling holiday tree
    • An ice-skating rink open seven days a week
    • A cozy, ski cabin-esque seating area to warm up chilly hands and enjoy hearty seasonal dishes
    • An outdoor winter garden with reindeer topiaries, festive décor, and twinkling lights

    All of these features and more can help you create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

    In the spirit of the season, we are showcasing some fun holiday experiences in Main Line, Pennsylvania. Just as we aim to transform your outdoor spaces into havens that enjoy all year, we also believe in finding and appreciating the beauty of our community during the holiday season. We hope these events bring you and your loved ones a sense of wonder and delight as you celebrate. Warmest wishes for a memorable holiday season from all of us at Burkholder.

    Visit Burkholder Brothers’ Holiday Market

    Are you looking for more exciting things to do for the holidays in PA? Visit the Burkholder Holiday Market. Burkholder’s annual Holiday Market offers unique gifts, Christmas trees, holiday decorations, fun activities for children, local food trucks, and complimentary food and drinks. Enjoy a delightful shopping and community experience for everyone.

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    Fun Holiday Things to Do in Main Line PA

    As we approach the end of 2023, many families in the Main Line area are searching for exciting holiday activities to engage in. Fortunately, you and your family have many options for fun holiday things to do in Main Line, PA, during this festive period. Below is information about some of Main Line, PA’s most enjoyable holiday events.

    Visit Our Holiday Market

    Visit the Burkholder Holiday Market

    Burkholder’s annual Holiday Market is a popular event that our team and many residents eagerly anticipate. You can find thoughtful and unique gifts for friends and family at the market and purchase a fresh cut Christmas tree or other holiday decorations. The Holiday Market is family-friendly, with many fun activities for children, such as visits from Santa and Mrs. Claus and their reindeer. The market also features local food trucks with delicious options for purchase, as well as complimentary hot chocolate, or wine and beer for adults 21+. Burkholder’s Holiday Market provides a fun shopping and community experience for everyone.

    A Longwood Christmas

    An annual holiday event in Main Line, Longwood Gardens hosts a Christmas festival from November 17, 2023, to January 7, 2024. The festival will showcase the beauty of botanical artistry, featuring an array of floating floral designs, festive trees adorned 

    Shelf of snowmen poinsettias | Fun Holiday Things to Do | Burkholder Holiday Market

    with gilded garlands, beautiful blooms, and an extravagant floral shop dressed up for the holiday season. Outside, visitors can enjoy botanically-inspired light displays, explore enchanting treehouses, and savor the sounds of the season.

    Town with Christmas decorations | Fun Holiday Things to Do | Burkholder Holiday Market

    Wild Lights at the Elmwood Park Zoo

    Mark your calendars for a magical experience at Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown. From November 18 to December 30, 2023, the zoo will transform into a breathtaking winter wonderland. Covering 16 acres of land, millions of LED lights and beautiful decorations will adorn the zoo premises. You can also find live entertainment for all ages. The event will take place from 5:00 to 9:00 PM every night.

    West Chester Christmas Parade

    One holiday event in Main Line you should mark on your calendars is West Chester’s famous Christmas Parade. The parade takes place on December 1 at 7:00 PM. Attendees can expect to see some of Chester County’s favorite performers and some new and exciting additions. This year, the parade will feature marching bands, award-winning floats, and spectacular performances. Of course, the parade’s highlight will be Santa’s much-anticipated appearance!

    Holiday Music Series

    West Chester offers a festive event, the Making Spirits Bright Holiday Music Series, which starts on November 25 and runs every Saturday at 2:00 PM until December 16. You and your family can attend the event at the Historic Courthouse to enjoy your favorite holiday songs performed by different artists, including the West Chester Music Academy.

    Winter Luminary Nights

    Another fun holiday thing to do in Main Line PA is the Winter Luminary Nights held by Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens. This event will take place on December 8-10 from 5:00 to 6:30 PM and promises to be a magical experience for you and your family. Celebrate winter light by strolling along luminary-lined paths, enjoying illuminated lanterns by the pond, and taking a holiday photo in front of the giant wreath.

    We look forward to seeing you at Burkholder Brothers’ Holiday Market

    Visit the Burkholder Holiday Market in Main Line, PA, for unique gifts and fresh, locally-grown Christmas trees. Enjoy family-friendly events like marshmallow roasting and visits from Santa. Come, browse, and make unforgettable memories this holiday season.

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    Take a Look at Burkholder’s New Landscaping Projects

    Each year our designers help Main Line homeowners upgrade their landscapes with new landscaping projects. Sometimes the upgrade is as simple as adding a new custom stone walkway or a specially designed deck. Other projects are more elaborate, incorporating water features like pools and spas, outdoor kitchens, firepit entertaining areas, and softscaping. Below are a some of the landscape design projects we have completed.

    View Our Portfolios!

    Pool and Patio Retreat

    We collaborated with Ted’s Pools on this gorgeous backyard. This project included retaining walls, seat walls and steps using Techo-Bloc 6” Mini Creta Architectural caps in beautiful chestnut brown. The patio and walkway were built using Techo-Bloc Blu 60 pavers in Champlain Grey.
    The natural stone steps in the spa area are West Mountain Steps and the boulders surrounding the space are a brown granite.

    Additionally, our team created this amazing outdoor space by adding plantings that would highlight the area with blooms from Spring throughout Fall, with an emphasis on summer, while the pool is in use.

    • Pool and Patio Retreat - New Projects by Burkholder Landscape

    • Pool seat walls and steps using Techo-Bloc 6” Mini Creta Architectural caps in beautiful chestnut brown - Pool and Patio Retreat - New Projects by Burkholder Landscape

    • Retaining wall using Techo-Bloc 6” Mini Creta Architectural caps in beautiful chestnut brown, and stone granite boulders - Pool and Patio Retreat - New Projects by Burkholder Landscape

    • bight red planting at Pool and Patio Retreat - New Projects by Burkholder Landscape

    • Walkway patio of Champlain Gray Techo-Bloc Blu 60 pavers - Pool and Patio Retreat - New Projects by Burkholder Landscape

    • West Mountain Natural Stone Steps - Pool and Patio Retreat - New Projects by Burkholder Landscape

    Backyard Oasis

    Check out this beautiful backyard oasis! Our team created this gorgeous new outdoor living space using Blu Grande Techo-Bloc pavers for the patio and walkways. We built a composite wood grilling island and a raised spa with a waterfall spillway. Now the client has a staycation location right in their backyard!

    • Backyard Oasis from side, outdoor furniture with black accessories, spa, outdoor kitchen and large Blu Grande pavers by Techo-Bloc - by Burkholder Landscape

    • Backyard Oasis from rear, outdoor furniture with black accessories, spa, outdoor kitchen and large Blu Grande pavers by Techo-Bloc - by Burkholder Landscape

    Techo-Bloc Patio

    This cozy backyard living space is fall-ready!
    Our team completed this Techo-Bloc Blu60 Patio with a gorgeous Valencia Firepit and Techo-Bloc Mini Creta Architectural retaining walls. Plantings and outdoor residential lighting were added as well to make the space complete.

    • Techo-Bloc patio full view - Burkholder Landscape

    • Techo-Bloc Patio project - Burkholder Landscape

    • Outdoor lighting in plant bed - Burkholder Landscape

    Malvern Backyard Project

    A client in Malvern, Pa was outgrowing their existing deck, patio, and outdoor kitchen in the summer of 2022. Our design team came up with a plan to fit their needs. This was a great project to build and the transformation is pretty incredible. Now the family and their friends have amazing outdoor spaces to enjoy year round!

    • rearview of a home with deck | Before Picture of ew Landscaping Project In Malvern | Burkholder Landscape

    • Rearview of a home with deck, pool, pool surround, pavilion and furniture | After Picture of ew Landscaping Project In Malvern | Burkholder Landscape

    Private Oasis

    In summer of 2022, a client wanted to add outdoor living spaces to their landscape.  Our plan included a new deck and patio, pavilion with seating and a television, a pool with a rock waterfall. Now the clients have their own backyard oasis. 

    • rearview of a home with deck | Before Picture of ew Landscaping Project In Malvern | Burkholder Landscape

    • Backyard Oasis with pool, rock waterfall, pavilion and deck  | After Picture of ew Landscaping Project In Malvern | Burkholder Landscape

    • walkway and flooring of pavilion | AfterPicture of ew Landscaping Project In Malvern | Burkholder Landscape

    • Outdoor pavilion with chandelier and sofa | After Picture of ew Landscaping Project In Malvern | Burkholder Landscape

    See the Project Video

    Outdoor Upgrade

    Here are some before pictures of a project we finished in June of 2022. We used a mixture of natural stone and Techo-bloc products to create a level area for an inviting bluestone walkway with ample space for colorful plantings and landscape lighting.

    • View of side yard before new landscape project | Burkholder Landscape

    • Raised beds and walkway after new landscape project | Burkholder Landscape

    Backyard Pool Project

    We completed this particular project in May 2020. We used flagstone pavers as the primary material for the pool deck and surround, which are durable, slip-resistant, and complement the pool’s design nicely. A few lights around the pool and the chairs help provide a lovely ambiance at night. The pool area has a significant amount of softscaping, and the plants are coming in and blooming wonderfully. Our crews did a fantastic job, from the design process to the final stages of building, and the client is ecstatic.

    pool with built in spa, flagstone surround and seating | New landscape project | Burkholder Landscape

    A Backyard Transformation

    Pool with Pavilion | Burkholder Landscape

    Our new landscaping projects vary in scope and complexity, and this particular project was a full backyard transformation. We had a thorough design consultation and process to fully understand what our clients wanted their dream backyard to become for starters. Next, we designed the pool, the spa with waterfall and natural stone veneer, and the pavilion, which is excellent for outdoor entertaining.

    The entertainment area features a stone fireplace, plenty of seating, a built-in television and a natural stone countertop for meals and drinks. Backyard transformations take time to plan and build, but the result is a beautiful, ideal landscape.

    Before and after image of house with only grass in the backyard transformed with a pool and pavilion | Burkholder Landscape

    Small, Yet Detailed Patio

    patio with flagstone pavers | Burkholder Landscape

      In contrast to the complete backyard transformation, we have smaller scale projects such as new patios. Our hardscape crew used flagstone pavers, and the warm, earthy tones give the patio an organic, natural appearance.

      The different sizes, shapes, and intricate patterns of the pavers also provide the patio with a unique aesthetic, enhancing visual interest and complexity. And the wall nearby has a couple of undercap lights, which makes the outdoor space more usable and inviting during the night. We are proud of the work one of our hardscaping crews did with this project, and this patio is an excellent example of what you can have on your property.

      Regrade for New Retaining Wall and Patio

      These homeowners wanted to expand their outdoor living space, but the slope was a little too steep. So we cut down the existing grade and installed a Techo Bloc Semma retaining wall and Techo Bloc Blu 60 pavers.

      Contact Burkholder Brothers for Your New Landscaping Projects

      If you have new landscaping projects or landscaping ideas that you want in your front or back yard, contact Burkholder Brothers. We have designed and built hundreds of landscaping projects in the Main Line area, from softscaping to pools, spas and outdoor kitchens. Our account managers will work with you to fully grasp your vision and make the design process go smoothly. We have a team of highly experienced landscape professionals that can bring your dream landscape to life. For more information on how landscape design company Burkholder Brothers can enhance your landscape, contact us today.

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      Fall is a Great Time for Aeration and Overseeding

      Jealous of your neighbor’s lush and verdant lawn? The secret behind a fantastic-looking property is aeration and overseeding in tandem with a comprehensive maintenance plan. Aeration and overseeding is a two-step process designed to de-stress lawns, encourage root development, and promote new growth. The following is a more detailed look at these two essential processes and why the fall is an excellent time to complete these yard tasks.

      Learn About Our Turf Care Services

      Why Fall is Ideal for Aeration & Overseeding

      The reasons to aerate and overseed your lawn during the fall are plenty. Cool nights and short, mild fall days provide the ideal conditions for grass seed germination. Other benefits include increased lawn density and slower-growing turfgrass.


      When thinking about fall aeration, the temperature is often a significant concern. The ideal temperature for aeration is in the 60s.

      As for overseeding, cool temperatures have another benefit: less chance of disease problems in newly seeded areas. 

      Cooler soil temperatures mean slower growth rates. So your new grass seedlings are less likely to become infected by diseases like brown patch. In addition, the cooler air temperatures equate to warmer soil temperatures in which seeds are better able to retain moisture and thrive once their roots take hold.

      hole in grassy earth from aeration and overseeding | Burkholder Brothers Landscaping
      picture of soil and grass layers | aeration and overseeding | Burkholder Brothers Landscaping

      Overseeding Increases Lawn Density

      Whether your lawn is bare or thin, overseeding is one of the best ways to spruce up your yard.

      • Fill in bare spots: If you have bald patches on your yard, overseeding can make them look lush again by seeding them with an appropriate blend of grasses.
      • Fill in thin spots: If areas of the yard have sparse grass coverage, you can fill those spots by overseeding.
      • Add height: Lawns that receive heavy foot traffic lose their density quickly due to compaction, which a combination of aeration and overseeding alleviates.

      Turf Growth Slows Down

      While laying turfgrass seed in the fall may seem counterintuitive, there are several advantages to seeding at this time. First, because of cooler temperatures and shorter days, turf growth slows significantly during fall.

      As a result, the newly seeded grass can properly compete for nutrients and water supplies that established turfgrasses would otherwise use.

      In addition to allowing the new seed a good chance to compete with established turf, the fall also acts as natural weed control. The cool soil of the fall helps prevent weed seeds from germinating while your new lawn takes root and establishes itself.

      The Aeration and Overseeding Process

      Aeration is a way to de-stress lawns that have become compacted over the long, hot, and active summer days. Aerating does so by perforating your property with many tiny holes that allow air, water, and other nutrients to penetrate straight to your lawn’s root systems. In return, the grass root zone will be better able to extend more deeply and produce a more robust and vibrant above-ground look. In addition, loosening up your lawn’s compacted soil results in encouraging root development and creating an overall grass-growing environment.

      Other advantages of the aeration process include:

      • Improved fertilizer uptake and use by your soil and plants
      • Improved water uptake and use by your soil and plants
      • Increased activity of soil microorganisms that are essential in soil decomposition processes
      • Enhanced infiltration of rainfall and human irrigation techniques
      • Increased oxygen movement between your soil and the atmosphere
      • Reduced risk of fertilizer and pesticide run-off that occurs from overly compacted ground

      Proper aeration is also vital in setting up your lawn for overseeding. Overseeding involves planting new seeds over the top of current yards, whether they are bare, thinning, or appear normal. When done promptly after aerating your soil, the seeds can fall neatly into the holes left behind by the aeration machines and have ample space to germinate and thrive. After overseeding, professional lawn care technicians work to ensure excess seeds fall into the open aeration holes. This process is excellent for improving the density of your grass and enhancing its overall color.

      Burkholder Landscaping Offers Professional Results from Aeration and Overseeding

      With over 25 years of landscaping experience, Burkholder Landscaping knows how to make your lawn and landscape thrive. We have a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable lawn care professionals. Our aeration and overseeding service in the fall, followed by one of our comprehensive landscape maintenance packages, will ensure you can enjoy that beautiful lush dream yard! Contact us today for a consultation and more information about our lawn care services!

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