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4 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas to Keep Your Yard Beautiful

Front yard landscaping is an excellent way to enhance the beauty and value of your home. An appealing front yard adds curb appeal and makes the home more inviting. A welcoming front yard is your opportunity to make an impression on all who see your home. Thankfully, you have plenty of ways to enhance your front yard. To help inspire you, below are a few ideas to transform your front yard.

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1. Softscaping

Updating and maintaining your front yard landscape is always a good option. Trees make your front yard more visually appealing. Mature trees can add property value and reduce cooling and heating costs. Colorful, vibrant plants and thoughtful garden design keep your front lawn looking lively and attractive. A manicured lawn also increases a front yard’s value and beauty. Adding softscaping features and maintaining them can significantly improve your front yard’s natural beauty. Our sister company, Burkholder PHC can help keep your valuable plants thriving with plant health care programs.

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2. Outdoor Lighting

flowers and trees in front of a home with an awning - frony yard landscaping - Burkholder Landscape

Outdoor residential lighting can brighten up your front yard landscaping in several ways. First, you can use lighting on specific plants or trees in your front yard, making your foliage stand out more and adding atmosphere during the night. If your front yard has shrubs or flower beds you want to act as focal points, uplighting can help highlight them.

Landscape lights can show off your front walkway’s design and make the walkway safer. The right outdoor lighting design will create a welcoming ambiance and add to your home security. Let us show you some outdoor lighting options if you are looking for a simple, effective way to add beauty and safety to your front yard.

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3. Walkways

Another excellent idea for improving your front yard landscaping is to incorporate custom walkways. Walkways provide both value and functionality to your front yard. Paved walkways give yards a cohesive, beautiful appearance, which enhances your enjoyment and the front yard’s attractiveness to potential buyers or neighbors. In addition, walkways can connect points of interest in your yard and protect your grass and plant beds. A walkway made of stone, brick, or other materials also improves safety by evening out rough or steep terrain, allowing you and your guests to traverse your property easily.

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front stone walk with manicured plant beds and columned entrance - Benefits of Landscape Design include increased property value - Burkholder Landscape
Sprinklers in front yard landscaping - Burkholder Landscape

4. Smart Irrigation Systems

One of the best methods for keeping your front yard healthy is irrigation. An automatic irrigation system helps keep your lawn lush and green and your plant beds vibrant, even during scorching hot summers. Smart technologies such as rain sensors can help prevent overwatering, saving you money and water while keeping the lawn beautiful. Wi-Fi sprinkler control apps on your mobile phone provide even greater flexibility. Irrigation is crucial for a well-maintained front yard and a smart irrigation system will maximize curb appeal by keeping your front yard looking superb.

Learn About Sir Sprinkler Irrigation

Contact Burkholder Brothers for Front Yard Landscaping Services

Make your front yard more appealing and beautiful with Burkholder Brothers. Our team of experienced, passionate landscapers has served Main Line area residents for decades. We provide a full range of landscape design services, including outdoor lighting design and installation of outdoor structures. In addition, we work with you to create and maintain a beautiful, immaculate landscape. If you are interested in front yard landscaping, contact Burkholder Brothers today!

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The Steps of The Burkholder Landscape Design Process

Below you will see three distinct properties, all of which are beautiful examples of landscaping design and how they can turn a simple plot of land into a paradise right in your backyard. And what do all three of these gorgeous properties have in common? Besides beautiful warm weather, they were all created using the Burkholder Design Process from start to finish! If you are looking to design a new landscape or update an existing one, you should understand the process. The Burkholder landscape design process is a detailed and comprehensive planning procedure ensuring your final product meet all of your needs are met.

  • pergola and walkway to a custom pool | Burkholder's Landscape Design Process

  • White Sectional couch in outdoor pavilion | Burkholder's Landscape Design Process

  • Aerial view of backyard landscape | Burkholder's Lansdscape Design Process

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What Goes into The Burkholder Landscape Design Process?

So much planning goes into creating a beautiful backyard space Our process includes site visits, collecting inventory, and finalizing the design. This multi-step process is critical to the success of the project. Investing time and proper planning in your outdoor space can bring you and your family much enjoyment for years to come.

Step 1: Landscape Design Analysis

The first step we take is a landscape design analysis, an essential part of the overall landscape design process. During this time, a landscape designer will visit your property and take photographs, draw sketches, and measure all the aspects and features of your property. Then, our designers use this analysis to have an accurate base plan to work from.

The first step in analyzing a property is to look at its existing features, such as trees or flower beds, and to measure and map those features out, along with other components or structures on the property. During this phase, our designer may also note if any changes need to be made before starting your new landscaping plans.

For example, if an old tree needs to be removed before new plantings occur, we will make a note during analysis. We also note any other issues such as drainage problems or things that could affect how much work is needed before starting construction projects like building patios or installing walkways through grassy areas. By understanding these factors up front, our team can create designs tailored specifically toward addressing them so nothing gets overlooked later on down the road when construction begins.

Steps of Burkholder's Landscape Design Process

Step 2: Meet the Designer

The next step in the Burkholder landscape design process is to meet with your designer. Before you meet with your designer, think about what kind of landscape you want so it helps to have a clear vision of how you want your outdoor spaces to look and function. Next, you can discuss what plants, materials, features, and colors appeal most. Consider bringing photos from magazines or websites that inspire you to help the designer get started on a plan that will work best for your home and budget. In addition, this meeting will take place at our design center, so you can look at material samples and displays of different patios and gardens to further help inspiration.

The designer will also provide some preliminary sketches based on their analysis and your conversation with them. These sketches will show how different parts of the yard flow together, ensuring everything fits together well when designing multiple elements.

Step 3: Concept Verification

After the design concept has been approved, you will meet with the designer to review your landscape’s finished concept plans and 3D images. You can also use this time to make any changes to the design if needed. In addition, you will discuss project details, material choices, and project budget at this time so that everyone is on the same page moving forward.

Step 4: Final Landscape Design Review

The final landscape design review is your opportunity to review the final design plan with 3D images to determine if any final changes will be implemented on-site. During this meeting, we will discuss the following:

  • Changes made from the initial consultation to ensure you are happy with the final design
  • Budget for implementation of all materials, plants, and labor costs associated with constructing your new landscape design
  • Timeline for when everything will be installed

sample landscape layout - Burkholder's Landscape Design Process

Contact Burkholder Brothers For a Landscape Design Consultation

Burkholder Brother’s landscape architects and designers are experienced and excel at bringing dream landscapes to life. The Burkholder landscape design process allows you to visualize your new landscape before the construction of your project begins. Contact us today to meet with our licensed landscape designers, visit our design center to see softscape and hardscape materials and design examples, and get started on your new outdoor living space!

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Five 2023 Landscape Design Trends to Improve Your Landscape

Now that 2023 is in full swing, many homeowners will be thinking about their landscaping goals and projects for the year. Burkholder offers five 2023 landscape design trends to incorporate into home landscapes. Now is the time to meet with your hardscape and landscape contractor, and these trends for 2023 are versatile and practical enough to be suitable for any property.

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A central theme of many of these trends is homeowners wanting to maximize their available spaces and use those spaces to their full advantage. A beautiful, sustainable garden or an entertainment area are just two of the many ways to combine style and practicality, which will be a big element of 2023 landscape design.

Five 2023 Landscape Design Trends

If you have been wondering what you can do to improve your landscape, here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Making the Most of Outdoor Spaces

As people remain in one home over many years, their desire to improve their homes and yards becomes stronger. Outdoor features and structures let homeowners expand the indoors to the outdoors, and this practice has been a growing trend for some time. For example, extending a deck or patio gives homeowners more options for outdoor fun and entertainment.

Our landscape designers help homeowners choose ways to make the most of their outdoor spaces, such as creating areas for gathering, entertaining, or simply relaxing. With extra usable space from custom decks and patios, people can have lounge areas with fire pits and comfortable furniture or add features such as pools and spas. In addition, pergolas and pavilions provide shade and protection for outdoor areas, making them usable for entertaining year-round.

Double sided fireplace with entertainment system and pergola | Landscape Design Trends | Burkholder

2. More Elaborate Outdoor Spaces

In addition to more outdoor features and structures, homeowners increasingly want these features to be elaborate and unique. Homeowners in 2023 are seeking innovative ways to use their yards and to spend more time outside with family and friends.

A pavilion can have overhead electricity so that space heaters can help homeowners enjoy the outdoors even in colder months. Another increasingly widespread feature of backyards is an outdoor kitchen with the following features to make an all-encompassing dining area:

  • Dining table
  • Seating area
  • Grill
  • Fireplace or fire pit
  • Pizza oven

3. Low-Maintenance Lawn Care

While many people love spending time outdoors, most of them likely prefer spending their time relaxing or playing outdoors instead of working. As a result, homeowners are often looking for ways to keep their landscape beautiful and make lawn care more manageable and convenient. One of the most obvious ways, and one of the growing 2023 landscape design trends, is an intelligent sprinkler and irrigation system that can minimize water usage to help save money.

Natural stone for patios, shrubs, trees, and drought-tolerant or other low-maintenance plants can help create a beautiful, unique landscape while needing minimal care. Using natural elements and intelligent design, you can maintain quality and a low-maintenance lawn more easily in 2023 than in previous years. And, of course, many residents choose to have professionals, like Burkholder’s professional maintenance team, take care of lawn mowing, tree and shrub pruning, and bed maintenance. Our sister company, Burkholder PHC, offers comprehensive plant health care to keep valuable landscape plants and trees thriving.

Learn About Burkholder Plant Health Care

Pergola away garden a swimming pool integration | landscape design trends | Burkholder

4. Ambient and Invisible Lighting

Great lighting for a patio, deck, path, pool, or other focal points in the backyard will always be popular. However, the type and style of lighting people desire in 2023 will differ. Sleek, minimalist lighting will be a more prominent 2023 landscape design trend. Techniques such as lighting the essential points and junctures of a path and hiding the lights that brighten up the home landscape are elements of invisible lighting landscaping trends.

Invisible lighting involves blending the lighting into the landscape. For example, long, linear lights beneath landscape structures create the illusion of floating structures. People are becoming more interested in seeing the light rather than the lighting fixtures, so invisible lighting will continue to gain traction in 2023.

Learn About Burkholder Outdoor Lighting Design

5. Mixed Materials in Hardscape

Hardscape describes the man-made features in landscape architecture, such as walkways, pavilions, and walls. Mixing and matching hardscaping elements and amenities or technology is a creative way to add beauty to your landscape in 2023. For example, creating a natural stone path to a sturdy wood pergola, with perhaps some metal furniture or a grill, can become a favorite sight.

Walls, decks, patios, and pools can incorporate these contrasting materials. In addition, hardscapes surrounded by vibrant, native plants and even soothing water features such as a fountain or a small pond create a unique outdoor living space.

All of these 2023 landscape design trends tie into a broader theme: creating a comfortable, easy-to-maintain living space that is unique to your home. When planning improvements for your landscape, consider making a unique, inviting space in your backyard.

Start Planning Your New Landscaping Design Project Today

Burkholder’s team of landscapers and designers has the skills and passion for creating your ideal landscape. Our landscape professionals have served Main Line communities like Malvern, Villanova, and Bryn Mawr for decades, understanding their needs and providing all types of landscaping services. Contact us today to learn more about 2023 landscape design trends or our services.

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Burkholder Wins Recognition as Readers’ Choice Finalist

Malvern, Pennsylvania – January 16, 2023 – Burkholder Landscape earned a Readers’ Choice Finalist Recognition from West Chester Lifestyle magazine as one of the best landscaping companies in the region. These awards were part of the 1st annual West Chester Lifestyle Readers’ Choice awards program.

The awards program was announced in October 2022 by West Chester Lifestyle magazine as a way to “celebrate beloved businesses and groups in the West Chester region.” Readers voted online between October and November 2022, picking the businesses they rated highest in approximately 60 categories. Categories in the Readers’ Choice Recognition awards program ranged from appliance stores, art galleries, gyms, hair salons, private schools, realtors, and more.

West Chester Lifestyle Readers Choice Finalist recognition badge | Burkholder Landscape

Get Some Design Inspiration!

Burkholder’s owners, brothers Barry and Mark, were very pleased to have been chosen by the community as a favorite.

Barry noted, “Our community is so important to us. We are passionate about creating beautiful and extremely functional outdoor spaces, and we are committed to getting to know our neighbors. We created an annual Holiday Market a few years ago so that community members can come, have fun, and make memories with us. This recognition is an honor and is a reflection of the relationships we have been able to develop with our clients.

About West Chester Lifestyle Magazine

West Chester Lifestyle is a monthly magazine distributed to West Chester, Pennsylvania residents. The contents of the publication focus on highlighting people, places, news, and ideas specific to West Chester and its residents. The magazine is published by City Lifestyle, founded in 2009. City Lifestyle publishes more than 110 magazines targeting local towns and cities throughout the United States.

About Burkholder Brothers Landscape Design Company

Burkholder Brothers Landscape Company has been in business for over 25 years and provides an “all-inclusive” landscape design business for Main Line residents. The company handles all aspects of landscaping, from designing outdoor living areas, hardscapes, and softscapes to installing and maintaining the various aspects of the design and landscape. For more information regarding Burkholder Landscape’s Readers’ Choice Finalist recognition or the company’s services, call (610) 897-7020 or visit the Burkholder website:

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Plan Ahead for the Summer Landscaping Design of Your Dreams

Wintery weather has come to Pennsylvania, and many residents have been cozying up in their homes, dreaming of going someplace tropical to escape. While those plans are fun to imagine, and those trips fun to experience, you could be making plans to turn your home into a dream escape for year-round enjoyment. Now is one of the best times to set those summer landscaping design plans into motion so that you can ensure that your staycation location is ready in time for warm weather.

Learn About Our Landscape Design

Advantages to Planning Your Summer Landscaping Design Projects in the Spring

Some may think that February and March are too early to begin planning landscape projects, but they may be unaware of all the steps that have to be taken before they can even break ground. Burkholder has been designing and building Main Line landscapes for over 25 years, so we can offer experienced advice about the planning process.

Associations Will Have Time to Approve Plans and Issue Permits

Many communities have architectural committees who have to approve any major changes to homes and landscapes. Planning ahead gives you time to submit your designs and get the approval and proper building permits issued. Having these things in place will save a lot of frustration for you.

double sided fireplace with entertainment system and pergola - Burkholder
Backyard Oasis with pool, rock waterfall, pavilion and deck | After Picture of ew Landscaping Project In Malvern | Burkholder Landscape

You Will Get Ahead of the Rush

    In our experience, by the time spring arrives, our construction teams are booked 6-8 weeks ahead. If you have your heart set on a Memorial Day celebration in your new pool area and using your new outdoor kitchen, you have to plan to begin early.

    You Will Have a More Relaxed Design Process

    Designers will have a more flexible schedule in the cold months before spring. They will be able to spend more time on your individual summer landscaping design project, gathering ideas and helping you work through the planning process.

    Summer Landscape Design Options To Inspire You

    What are you dreaming of for your perfect landscape? We have lots of landscape ideas!

    • A flower garden is great for improving curb appeal in the front yard or for adding lush colors in your backyard landscape. Plants, flowers and shrubs can create various areas of interest in beds, inside retaining walls, or around the borders of your outdoor space.• An outdoor fireplace or firepit with cozy furniture is perfect for creating a gathering place with ambiance for your family and friends.
    • Water features, like pools, are wonderful on summer days, and including hot tubs will make spending time outdoors on cooler evenings more enjoyable.
    • Dining areas that include outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens or bars make entertaining a breeze. Choose the perfect furniture for comfort and style.

    Outdoor Fireplace with Seating Area on Natural Stone Patio - Burkholder Landscape

    Call Burkholder Summer Landscaping Designs

    Now is the time to get your plans mapped out for your summer landscaping design projects. Burkholder’s experienced designers will spend time with you to learn exactly what you hope to accomplish, then help you plan the outdoor living space of your dreams. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

    PA HIC #035148

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    Exciting Things to Do for The Holidays In PA

    Many holiday happenings in Pennsylvania are exciting and can bring the whole family together. These events include light displays, theme park visits, and ice-skating rinks. This list of exciting things to do for the holidays in PA will hopefully spark an idea for you to enjoy something fun with your spouse, kids, or friends.

    Visit Our Holiday Market

    Theme Park Visits

    While many people think of going to theme parks as a spring or summer activity, theme parks in Pennsylvania use the winter time to go all out with light displays. Here are some of the theme parks that can help you and your family get into the holiday spirit:

    Knoebels’ Joy Through The Grove

    Open from 5:30 pm-9 pm in December, Joy Through the Grove is a drive-through light display at Knoebels’ amusement park. The event features over 2 miles of lights and 500 individual illuminated set pieces featuring Knoebels characters and rides, such as a ski resort or Santa’s village. You can also get snacks and souvenirs for your family and even tune in to a custom radio station playing holiday classics and witty messages from the park.

    Hersheypark Candylane

    One of Pennsylvania’s most famous parks, Hersheypark, is putting on its Christmas Candylane event for the rest of the year. The event will feature a display of more than 5

    dad and child looking at carousel at amusement park | Burkholder

    million lights, select attractions, coasters guests can ride, and dessert dining experiences for those with a sweet tooth.

    Holiday Lights on downtown street | Burkholder Holiday Market

    Holiday Events in Philadelphia

    If your family is looking for more exciting things to do for the holidays in PA, you have plenty of options and events to look forward to in Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love has many holiday events for the whole family, and here are some of them.

    Philly Neighborhood Light Displays

    While you can see Philadelphia lit up during the holiday season, two neighborhoods are known for going the extra mile in their decorations.

    • Miracle on South 13th Street is a whole street lined with vibrant, decorated houses. For over 20 years, this neighborhood has been putting up holiday decorations like animated lights, Christmas wreaths, inflatable snowmen, or specific characters like Snoopy.
    • Smedley Street Christmas Spectacular is similar to Miracle on South 13th Street: a neighborhood in Philly with tons of extravagant, vibrant holiday decorations. The 

    people on Smedley Street have been putting up intricate, elaborate displays of Santa, Frosty the Snowman, and other holiday characters for over 50 years.

    Dilworth Park and Philadelphia’s City Hall

    Philadelphia City Hall always has a beautiful Christmas tree during the winter, and the surrounding plazas of Dilworth Park are fun to explore. Take your family ice skating at the Dilworth Park Ice Skating Rink, or walk around to see dozens of crafts, gifts, and food vendors. In addition, the driving tour of Broad Street and Ben Franklin Parkway offers beautiful scenic views.

    Visit Burkholder Brothers’ Holiday Market

    Are you looking for more exciting things to do for the holidays in PA? Visit the Burkholder Holiday Market. We have many unique gifts, from figurines to holiday-themed pillows. You can also purchase Pennsylvania-grown Christmas trees. In addition, our market also hosts family-friendly events, such as roasting marshmallows and visits from Santa and his reindeer. So stop by the Burkholder Holiday Market and have fun with the whole family.

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    Burkholder Explores Ways to Get into the Holiday Spirit

    The holiday season is in full swing, and many homeowners and residents around Main Line are looking for ways to get into the holiday spirit. Many families will be playing festive songs or baking cookies together to feel more joyous. Watching holiday-themed movies is also a tradition during this time of year. Other families like to get into the holiday spirit by shopping for gifts, picking out Christmas trees, and decorating their homes. Those are all activities and events you and your loved ones can look forward to and help get you into the holiday spirit.

    Visit Our Holiday Market

    Listen to Holiday Music

    Playing holiday-themed songs is a great way to make your home feel more festive and warm during the chilly winter. From modern pop to traditional choirs, Christmas music helps enhance the winter atmosphere. In addition, music is a must if you invite friends and family for a holiday gathering. If you or your family have personal favorite Christmas songs, go onto a music app like Spotify or Apple Music and make your own playlist. Or you can choose from hundreds of other playlists that include various holiday songs based on specific themes like carols, genres, and periods.

    Bake Cookies

    Food is always a favorite way to get into the holiday spirit, especially sweet treats. The holidays are an excellent time for you and your family to try some new recipes in addition to tried-and-true favorites. Look up cookie recipes online, and if you find one that catches your attention (or looks delicious), jot the recipe down and try making it. You might also consider putting a new twist on traditional family recipes and pair your treats with hot chocolate or other festive drinks. Baking with your family and sharing cookies with your friends or neighbors helps everyone enjoy the holidays.

    Baked Cookies | Get into the holiday spirit by visiting the Burkholder Holiday Market!
    Christmas Light Display with Blue Lighted Tree | Get into the holiday spirit at the Burkholder Holiday Market

    Visit Local Holiday Light Displays

    Another activity is to visit local tree-lighting displays or shows. This could be at a local park or neighborhood, with many trees decorated or lighted structures of Santa and his reindeer, snowflakes, and other iconic holiday imagery. “Lightseeing” can be a fun way to spend time with family, help you get into the holiday spirit, and get everyone excited for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

    Have Holiday Movie Marathons

    With the cold, snowy weather of Christmas time, relaxing and watching Christmas and other classic holiday movies with family is one of many ways to get into the holiday spirit. Here are just a few of our favorite holiday movies that make for a fun, memorable time during the Christmas season:

    • A Christmas Carol
    • A Christmas Story
    • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    • It’s a Wonderful Life
    • Miracle on 34th Street

    Other suggestions, such as the Rankin/Bass animated specials (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman) and the Charlie Brown Christmas special, are fun for children (of all ages!) These films help reinforce that the holidays are about giving and caring for others, making them excellent choices for getting into the holiday spirit.

    Go Shopping

    The winter holidays are excellent times for shopping, and many families use shopping and decorating to help get into the festive spirit. Shopping for gifts enables you to embrace the holiday spirit: giving to others and showing how much you care for them. So when you go out shopping, buy gifts that your friends and loved ones will cherish and appreciate for years to come, and help spread holiday cheer.

    Christmas Tree Shopping & Decorating

    One of the most memorable parts of any holiday is picking out the perfect Christmas tree and decorating the tree with family. The tree acts as a festive seasonal centerpiece for your home, and usually, everyone joins in on the fun. Hang your favorite ornaments and tree lights, and decorate your home with other items, such as wreaths and lights, to create a more festive atmosphere in and around your home. Having your home decorated outdoors and indoors is an excellent idea if you intend to have guests over.

    view of the goods at the Burkholder Holiday Market

    Visit the Burkholder Holiday Market for One of the Best Ways to Get into the Holiday Spirit

    For more ways to get into the holiday spirit, visit the Burkholder Holiday Market. Our market has various unique, thoughtful, and festive gifts, along with Pennsylvania-grown Christmas trees. We also have fun, family-friendly events such as visits from Santa and his reindeer, face painting, and fun local food vendor visits. So come in, find your gifts and Christmas tree, roast a few marshmallows, and enjoy a memorable holiday shopping experience.

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    Challenges of Growing Christmas Trees

    Like the magic of the Christmas season, the humble Christmas tree is a gift that brings beauty and life to our homes. Burkholder has a big supply of Christmas trees this year, even though 2022 brought significant challenges for Christmas tree growers. Those challenges resulted in some places experiencing a shortage of fresh trees due to the supply chain and weather conditions in certain parts of the country. We will explore the challenges of growing Christmas trees this year, what the industry is facing, and where you can get a live, fresh Christmas tree this year.

    Get Holiday Market Details

    Issues With Growing Christmas Trees

    Over the past few years, the live Christmas tree industry faced several challenges, ranging from the supply chain to climate. One issue affecting many businesses across the United States is continuing freight/shipping/logistics/supply chain slowdowns. In addition, some places that sell Christmas trees, but purchase them from other sources, like farms, are experiencing issues with getting enough trees shipped to them in time. Another reason for a potential shortage is the climate and weather.

    The summer of 2022 was arid, with many countries experiencing drought. These drought conditions significantly impacted plant development. Growing Christmas trees requires, patience, as trees take around ten years to mature and need specific soil conditions to thrive: if the soil is too wet, issues like root rot occur; if the soil is too dry, the trees can get stunted. Because of the dry summer earlier this year, Christmas tree farmers had to tap into other irrigation methods to keep their supply healthy. As a precaution, farmers often plant more trees than necessary to mitigate losing trees. However, the length and severity of this year’s drought may have resulted in limited Christmas tree stock.

    Turkish fir tree | Burkholder Landscape's Holiday Market

    Burkholder’s Christmas Trees

    If you want a place to get Christmas trees, visit Burkholder’s Holiday Market. We have a large collection of live Christmas trees to purchase. This year, we will have a more extensive selection of live Christmas trees, including a new species and more small trees. While plenty of trees are available, you may be wondering which species to get. Different species of trees offer characteristics that some people may prefer while retaining the qualities of a good Christmas tree. Below are the different species we have available at our Holiday Market.

    Fraser Fir

      The Fraser fir is native to the Appalachian Mountains in the Southeastern U.S. The Fraser fir is one of the most popular species for Christmas trees. Named after Scottish botanist John Fraser, the tree has several characteristics that make it a good choice for a Christmas tree.

      • Strong limbs to retain shape
      • Soft, dark-green needles so your fingers will stay safe hanging the ornaments
      • Mild, pleasant fragrance, which is good for people with allergy concerns
      • Compact form and size for easy transportation

      Turkish Fir

        The Turkish fir makes an excellent choice for people looking for a more exotic Christmas tree. Turkish firs are native to a single region in the entire world, Mount Ida in northwestern Turkey, and have traits that make this species an increasingly popular choice for homeowners.

        • Short, deep green needles that stick upward, revealing a bright, silvery underside and creating a flashy two-tone effect
        • Short, deep green needles that stick upward, revealing a bright, silvery underside and creating a flashy two-tone effect
        • A waxy texture to the needles helps restrict fragrances, which is good for those with allergies or sensitivities
        • Sturdy branches give the tree a conical shape, with a dense foliage

        Fraser-Balsam Fir

        For those interested in the classic, traditional Christmas tree, look for a new tree we have available at our Holiday Market: the Fraser-Balsam fir. The Fraser-Balsam cross fir is a hybrid of the Fraser and Balsam fir trees, with the benefits and characteristics of both species.

        • Shiny, waxier, dense needle coverage and retention
        • Durable, sturdy branches and structure
        • A nice fragrance, giving you a pleasant, festive aroma without being overpowering

        Visit Burkholder for Christmas Trees & Holiday Gifts

        If you and your family are hunting for that perfect Christmas tree this holiday season, visit our holiday market! Get festive holiday gifts and share family fun by roasting marshmallows around the fire and even getting an early visit from Santa. Visit our holiday page for special event dates, or contact us.

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        Fun Holiday Things to Do in Main Line PA

        As 2022 comes to a close, many families around the Main Line area are looking for fun holiday things to do. The Main Line area has many events for you and your family to enjoy during the holidays. For example, you can go shopping for fun gifts and experiences, enjoy holiday lighting and decorations at a botanical garden or conservancy, or visit an art gallery. Below are details about some fun holiday events in Main Line, PA.

        Visit Our Holiday Market

        Visit the Burkholder Holiday Market

        One popular event around the Main Line is our annual Holiday Market. Many residents in our community look forward to the shop during the holidays to find beautiful gifts for friends and family and to buy a Christmas tree or other holiday swag. Children also have fun at our shop thanks to family-friendly events such as face-painting and visits from Santa Claus and his reindeer. The holiday market also features local food trucks on weekends, and complimentary beer and wine for adults 21 and over. Burkholder’s Holiday Market provides a fun, family-friendly shopping and community experience.

        Longwood Gardens Christmas Display – Philadelphia and the Countryside

        Other fun holiday things to do this year include visiting light shows and displays. Longwood Gardens will hold a Christmas festival with displays from November 18, 2022,

        Shelf of snowmen poinsettias | Fun Holiday Things to Do | Burkholder Holiday Market

        to January 8, 2023. Their horticulture artists use plants to create an extraordinary collection of floating floral designs like festive trees, gardens, light displays, treehouses, and more. In addition, Longwood Christmas will feature live music, from holiday carolers to organ players and bells, to help guests get into the holiday spirit.

        Town with Christmas decorations | Fun Holiday Things to Do | Burkholder Holiday Market

        Wild Lights at the Elmwood Park Zoo

        From November 18 – December 30, 2022, Norristown’s Elmwood Park Zoo will turn into a winter wonderland, with millions of LED lights and decorations illuminating 16 acres of land. The zoo will also feature live entertainment for people of all ages.

        Deck the Alley: Elfreth’s Alley Historic Holiday Home Tours

        Deck the Alley, a holiday fundraiser, returns as one of the many fun holiday things to do in the Philadelphia area, specifically a historic street, Elfreth’s Alley, on Saturday, December 3, 2022. Attendees can glimpse what life was like inside many 18th and 19th-century houses. In addition, the event will also have craft demonstrations, carolers, and historically-costumed performers for entertainment. Proceeds go to the Elfreth’s Alley Association preserve the National Historic Landmark of Elfreth’s Alley in Philadelphia.

        Holiday Garden Railway and Nighttime Express at Morris Arboretum

        The annual Holiday Garden Railway is a mini-winter wonderland in the historic Morris Arboretum at the University of Pennsylvania. Families can see model trains travel over a quarter-mile-long track through tunnels and bridges, and replicas of beloved Philadelphia landmarks dotting the landscape. The event will take place on select Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings from November 25 – December 30, 2022.

        Visit Burkholder Brothers’ Holiday Market

        Are you looking for more fun holiday things to do in Main Line, PA? Visit the Burkholder Holiday Market. Our market has a wide selection of unique, thoughtful gifts, from figurines to holiday-themed pillows. You can also find fresh, locally-grown Christmas trees for purchase. We also host family-friendly events, such as roasting marshmallows and visits from Santa. So sip hot chocolate, find memorable gifts, and have a unique experience at Burkholder this holiday season.

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