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Challenges of Growing Christmas Trees

Like the magic of the Christmas season, the humble Christmas tree is a gift that brings beauty and life to our homes. Burkholder has a big supply of Christmas trees this year, even though 2022 brought significant challenges for Christmas tree growers. Those challenges resulted in some places experiencing a shortage of fresh trees due to the supply chain and weather conditions in certain parts of the country. We will explore the challenges of growing Christmas trees this year, what the industry is facing, and where you can get a live, fresh Christmas tree this year.

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Issues With Growing Christmas Trees

Over the past few years, the live Christmas tree industry faced several challenges, ranging from the supply chain to climate. One issue affecting many businesses across the United States is continuing freight/shipping/logistics/supply chain slowdowns. In addition, some places that sell Christmas trees, but purchase them from other sources, like farms, are experiencing issues with getting enough trees shipped to them in time. Another reason for a potential shortage is the climate and weather.

The summer of 2022 was arid, with many countries experiencing drought. These drought conditions significantly impacted plant development. Growing Christmas trees requires, patience, as trees take around ten years to mature and need specific soil conditions to thrive: if the soil is too wet, issues like root rot occur; if the soil is too dry, the trees can get stunted. Because of the dry summer earlier this year, Christmas tree farmers had to tap into other irrigation methods to keep their supply healthy. As a precaution, farmers often plant more trees than necessary to mitigate losing trees. However, the length and severity of this year’s drought may have resulted in limited Christmas tree stock.

Turkish fir tree | Burkholder Landscape's Holiday Market

Burkholder’s Christmas Trees

If you want a place to get Christmas trees, visit Burkholder’s Holiday Market. We have a large collection of live Christmas trees to purchase. This year, we will have a more extensive selection of live Christmas trees, including a new species and more small trees. While plenty of trees are available, you may be wondering which species to get. Different species of trees offer characteristics that some people may prefer while retaining the qualities of a good Christmas tree. Below are the different species we have available at our Holiday Market.

Fraser Fir

    The Fraser fir is native to the Appalachian Mountains in the Southeastern U.S. The Fraser fir is one of the most popular species for Christmas trees. Named after Scottish botanist John Fraser, the tree has several characteristics that make it a good choice for a Christmas tree.

    • Strong limbs to retain shape
    • Soft, dark-green needles so your fingers will stay safe hanging the ornaments
    • Mild, pleasant fragrance, which is good for people with allergy concerns
    • Compact form and size for easy transportation

    Turkish Fir

      The Turkish fir makes an excellent choice for people looking for a more exotic Christmas tree. Turkish firs are native to a single region in the entire world, Mount Ida in northwestern Turkey, and have traits that make this species an increasingly popular choice for homeowners.

      • Short, deep green needles that stick upward, revealing a bright, silvery underside and creating a flashy two-tone effect
      • Short, deep green needles that stick upward, revealing a bright, silvery underside and creating a flashy two-tone effect
      • A waxy texture to the needles helps restrict fragrances, which is good for those with allergies or sensitivities
      • Sturdy branches give the tree a conical shape, with a dense foliage

      Fraser-Balsam Fir

      For those interested in the classic, traditional Christmas tree, look for a new tree we have available at our Holiday Market: the Fraser-Balsam fir. The Fraser-Balsam cross fir is a hybrid of the Fraser and Balsam fir trees, with the benefits and characteristics of both species.

      • Shiny, waxier, dense needle coverage and retention
      • Durable, sturdy branches and structure
      • A nice fragrance, giving you a pleasant, festive aroma without being overpowering

      Visit Burkholder for Christmas Trees & Holiday Gifts

      If you and your family are hunting for that perfect Christmas tree this holiday season, visit our holiday market! Get festive holiday gifts and share family fun by roasting marshmallows around the fire and even getting an early visit from Santa. Visit our holiday page for special event dates, or contact us.

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      Fun Holiday Things to Do in Main Line PA

      As 2022 comes to a close, many families around the Main Line area are looking for fun holiday things to do. The Main Line area has many events for you and your family to enjoy during the holidays. For example, you can go shopping for fun gifts and experiences, enjoy holiday lighting and decorations at a botanical garden or conservancy, or visit an art gallery. Below are details about some fun holiday events in Main Line, PA.

      Visit Our Holiday Market

      Visit the Burkholder Holiday Market

      One popular event around the Main Line is our annual Holiday Market. Many residents in our community look forward to the shop during the holidays to find beautiful gifts for friends and family and to buy a Christmas tree or other holiday swag. Children also have fun at our shop thanks to family-friendly events such as face-painting and visits from Santa Claus and his reindeer. The holiday market also features local food trucks on weekends, and complimentary beer and wine for adults 21 and over. Burkholder’s Holiday Market provides a fun, family-friendly shopping and community experience.

      Longwood Gardens Christmas Display – Philadelphia and the Countryside

      Other fun holiday things to do this year include visiting light shows and displays. Longwood Gardens will hold a Christmas festival with displays from November 18, 2022,

      Shelf of snowmen poinsettias | Fun Holiday Things to Do | Burkholder Holiday Market

      to January 8, 2023. Their horticulture artists use plants to create an extraordinary collection of floating floral designs like festive trees, gardens, light displays, treehouses, and more. In addition, Longwood Christmas will feature live music, from holiday carolers to organ players and bells, to help guests get into the holiday spirit.

      Town with Christmas decorations | Fun Holiday Things to Do | Burkholder Holiday Market

      Wild Lights at the Elmwood Park Zoo

      From November 18 – December 30, 2022, Norristown’s Elmwood Park Zoo will turn into a winter wonderland, with millions of LED lights and decorations illuminating 16 acres of land. The zoo will also feature live entertainment for people of all ages.

      Deck the Alley: Elfreth’s Alley Historic Holiday Home Tours

      Deck the Alley, a holiday fundraiser, returns as one of the many fun holiday things to do in the Philadelphia area, specifically a historic street, Elfreth’s Alley, on Saturday, December 3, 2022. Attendees can glimpse what life was like inside many 18th and 19th-century houses. In addition, the event will also have craft demonstrations, carolers, and historically-costumed performers for entertainment. Proceeds go to the Elfreth’s Alley Association preserve the National Historic Landmark of Elfreth’s Alley in Philadelphia.

      Holiday Garden Railway and Nighttime Express at Morris Arboretum

      The annual Holiday Garden Railway is a mini-winter wonderland in the historic Morris Arboretum at the University of Pennsylvania. Families can see model trains travel over a quarter-mile-long track through tunnels and bridges, and replicas of beloved Philadelphia landmarks dotting the landscape. The event will take place on select Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings from November 25 – December 30, 2022.

      Visit Burkholder Brothers’ Holiday Market

      Are you looking for more fun holiday things to do in Main Line, PA? Visit the Burkholder Holiday Market. Our market has a wide selection of unique, thoughtful gifts, from figurines to holiday-themed pillows. You can also find fresh, locally-grown Christmas trees for purchase. We also host family-friendly events, such as roasting marshmallows and visits from Santa. So sip hot chocolate, find memorable gifts, and have a unique experience at Burkholder this holiday season.

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      Burkholder Announces 2022 Annual Holiday Market Opening and Hours

      Nov 1, 2022 – Malvern, Pennsylvania – Burkholder Brothers announces their annual Holiday Market will open on Friday, November 11, 2022, and run through December 23, 2022. The event will mark the sixth year Main Line residents will have a fun, family-friendly place to get Christmas trees and enjoy holiday activities. The event will be held at the Burkholder Design Center and offers freshly cut Pennsylvania-grown Christmas trees, wreaths, and a large assortment of unique gifts.

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      6th Annual Holiday Market Hours

      November 11 – December 23
      Tuesday – Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm

      Burkholder’s Holiday Market will be closed on Mondays, as well as on Thanksgiving Day.

      After Thanksgiving, visitors can enjoy festive food and treats like hot chocolate, roasted marshmallows, and complimentary wine and beer for adults each weekend. In addition, the Holiday Market will host special vendors and food trucks for visitors’ enjoyment on Saturdays.

      Santa and his reindeer also have scheduled visits during the event. As in previous years, live Christmas trees will be available for purchase beginning on Black Friday, November 25. In addition, Burkholder will have a larger selection of Christmas trees, including a new species: Fraser-Balsam Fir.

      “Our team always loves and looks forward to the holiday season for the opportunity to give our community a fun, family-friendly event.” Co-owner Mark Burkholder said. “Residents can come in and get their family tree locally, make memories, meet their neighbors, enjoy a beverage, watch the kids have fun, and find unique gifts.

      More information about the schedule and activities during the Holiday Market can be found at https://www.burkholderlandscape.com/holiday/.

      About Burkholder Brothers Landscape Design Company

      Burkholder Brothers has been in business for over 25 years and provides an “all-inclusive” landscape design business for Main Line residents. The company handles all aspects of landscaping, from designing outdoor living areas, hardscapes, and softscapes to installing and maintaining the various aspects of the design and landscape. For more information regarding Burkholder Landscape’s services or the company’s 2022 annual holiday market, call (610) 897-7020 or visit the Burkholder website: https://www.BurkholderLandscape.com.

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      Fireplaces and Firepits Delight Families in the Fall

      Outdoor fireplaces and firepits are part of a continually growing home design trend in Main Line suburbs and satellite towns. The trend is even more prevalent in these autumn months as cooling weather encourages us to spend more time in outdoor settings, where we can relax, entertain, and enjoy time spent with family and friends. An outdoor living space, complete with a cozy fire, is the ideal place to do so.

      View Our Fireplaces and Firepits Portfolio!

      Fireplaces and Firepits Options

      Fireplaces and firepits provide the chance to cook over an open flame, such as roasted marshmallows and hotdogs, and even keep warm while telling stories around the campfire. Here is what you need to know about outdoor fire pits and fireplaces.

      Wood-Burning vs. Natural Gas Fire Features

      One of the choices you will have to make when deciding on fireplaces and firepits is whether you want a wood-burning or natural gas features. Each one has its advantages.

      • Wood-burning fireplaces and pits can be quickly installed while enhancing your property’s aesthetics. Wood-burning is an excellent option if you want your outdoor space to have a rustic, natural atmosphere and ambiance or if you are a home chef and want to infuse your meals with the smoky flavors of the wood.
      • Natural gas or propane fireplaces and fire pits are convenient and low-maintenance. Lighting natural gas or propane fire pits are quick, easy, and can run continuously with little work on your end.

      Think about what you want from your new fireplace and firepit, and between wood and gas, choose the one that best suits your needs.

      Stone outdoor fireplace set in a pavilion with seating | Fireplaces and Firepits Options by Burkholder Landscape

      Examples of Fireplaces and Firepits

      Which outdoor fireplace or fire pit type suits you and your property? At Burkholder, our team has experience creating various outdoor options. Consider some of these popular Main Line project ideas.

      Wood-Burning Natural Stone Fireplace

      Love the look of a traditional fireplace? A wood-burning stone fireplace outfitted in a veranda or similar outdoor structure makes for a beautiful outdoor living space. This style enables the smoke to be vented out while the roof helps trap the heat and provides a cover. Such a covered outdoor fireplace area helps create an exceptionally cozy location during light rain and snowfall.

      Round firepit with cushioned chairs and couch | Fireplaces and Firepits Options | Burkholder Brothers

      Landscape Gas or Wood-Burning Block Fire Pit

      This type of stone fire pit is generally built as a central focal point of a natural stone or brick deck. Good ideas for this type of fire pit include poolside placement, a peaceful garden overlook, and installation with a low stone wall surround for friends and family to sit on. You can choose to have either a gas or wood-burning fire pit.

      •  Rectangular gas firepit with seating and fountain/wallFireplaces and Firepits Options |  Burkholder Landscape

      •  Rectangular stone gas firepit | Fireplaces and Firepits Options |  Burkholder Landscape

      • patio design - fireplace on patio under pavilion

      Freestanding Stucco Fireplace with Tile Accents

      Stucco can be used in combination with natural stone or tiles to create a freestanding outdoor fireplace that will be the talk of your Main Line neighborhood.

      Outdoor Stone Pizza Oven

      Many homeowners choose a specialty outdoor stone fireplace and pizza oven so they can enjoy cozy flames and crispy home baked pizza crusts.

      Contact Burkholder for Ideas for Outdoor Spaces with Fireplaces and Fire Pits

      Are you ready to stoke the flames on outdoor fireplaces and firepits? Contact our experienced design team today at Burkholder and let us help you create that perfect cool weather recreational space.

      Contact The Burkholder Team Today

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      Residential Outdoor Lighting Adds Value to Homes

      Have you worked hard to create a vibrant, functional yard just for everything to go unnoticed once the sun sets? Are you frustrated that the welcoming exterior of your home seems to lose its appeal at night? Adding residential outdoor lighting is a practical and relatively easy way to add value to your home and create an enjoyable space you can during all hours. In addition, when installed correctly, outdoor lighting options increase curb appeal and make your house safer.

      See Our Lighting Portfolio!

      How Outdoor Lighting Options Provide Value

      Landscape lighting can add value to your home, mostly in how others perceive and value your property.

      • Outdoor lighting makes your home more secure at night by helping you and others see what is going on around your home. More lighting around your property deters burglars or trespassers by making them more visible and by indicating that you are home and will catch them.
      • The proper outdoor lighting can increase curb appeal and make your home more attractive and desirable to potential buyers. Outdoor lighting makes a home more aesthetically pleasing and indicates owners are willing to or have already invested in their home’s condition.
      • You can use outdoor lighting to create a warm, inviting environment at night, making it safer for guest to visit, and providing a space for your guests to enjoy your property at night.

      Residential Outdoor Lighting Options

      Many potential outdoor lighting options exist today that will upgrade your home’s exterior. Some of the options that we suggest are the following.

      Firepit-Outdoor Lighting Options-Burkholder
      walkway steps and lighting | Lighting | Burkholder Landscape


      Spotlights help light up any outdoor space. Often, spotlights accentuate your home, trees, or any architectural feature you wish. One of the strengths of spotlights is highlighting a particular object and showcasing the best parts of your home.

      Flood Lights

      Like spotlights, though with a broader beam, flood lights offer maximum security by illuminating large areas of your lawn or driveway at once and can be motion-activated. In addition, flood lights are ideal for lighting up whole yards and are eco-friendly.

      Outdoor Hanging Lights

      Outdoor string lights or lanterns can light up front doors and add warmth and charm to your porch or deck. In addition, hanging lights enhance curb appeal and create a welcoming ambiance in front of your home or an outdoor entertainment area in the backyard.

      Pond Lights

      Often referred to as water garden lights, pond lights are submersible and are designed to be placed beneath the water of a pond. Pond lights make the water sparkle and are a great way to highlight the many colors beneath the surface.

      Path Lights

      Pathway lights are a common and excellent way to light up a driveway or a garden pathway or highlight an element of a yard, such as a pond or a fountain. These types of outdoor lights can easily be spread through out the property and are multi-functioning in nature.

      Step Lights

      Employed as a means to illuminate a stairway, sidewalk, or deck, step lights add warmth to your space and light the way to safety at night. In addition, step lights accent the architectural features of your property while establishing a secure, definitive pathway.

      Well Lights

      Well lights operate as in-ground lighting fixtures that can light up trees, structures, or any exterior architectural feature of your home. These lights create a sleek, minimalist look.

      Cap and Under Cap Outdoor Lighting Options | Burkholder Landscape

      Pool Lights

      Like pond lights, pool lights can be installed on the ground or underwater and are a great way to showcase the vibrancy of your pool. In addition, pool lights create a welcoming atmosphere, come in all colors, and help ensure safety during night swimming.

      Pavilion with Lighting is one of the benefits of adding a shade structure | Burkholder Landscape

      Burkholder Brothers Landscaping Designers Offer Customized Outdoor Lighting Systems

      At night, lighting enhances your home and provides a stronger first impression. These features are just some outdoor lighting options you can use to ensure your home looks inviting and vibrant at all times. Residential outdoor lighting offers safety, extends the entertaining hours of your yard, and adds value to your home. Contact Burkholder to light up your home today!

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      Fall is a Great Time for Aeration and Overseeding

      Jealous of your neighbor’s lush and verdant lawn? The secret behind a fantastic-looking property is aeration and overseeding in tandem with a comprehensive maintenance plan. Aeration and overseeding is a two-step process designed to de-stress lawns, encourage root development, and promote new growth. The following is a more detailed look at these two essential processes and why the fall is an excellent time to complete these yard tasks.

      Learn About Our Turf Care Services

      Why Fall is Ideal for Aeration & Overseeding

      The reasons to aerate and overseed your lawn during the fall are plenty. Cool nights and short, mild fall days provide the ideal conditions for grass seed germination. Other benefits include increased lawn density and slower-growing turfgrass.


      When thinking about fall aeration, the temperature is often a significant concern. The ideal temperature for aeration is in the 60s.

      As for overseeding, cool temperatures have another benefit: less chance of disease problems in newly seeded areas. 

      Cooler soil temperatures mean slower growth rates. So your new grass seedlings are less likely to become infected by diseases like brown patch. In addition, the cooler air temperatures equate to warmer soil temperatures in which seeds are better able to retain moisture and thrive once their roots take hold.

      hole in grassy earth from aeration and overseeding | Burkholder Brothers Landscaping
      picture of soil and grass layers | aeration and overseeding | Burkholder Brothers Landscaping

      Overseeding Increases Lawn Density

      Whether your lawn is bare or thin, overseeding is one of the best ways to spruce up your yard.

      • Fill in bare spots: If you have bald patches on your yard, overseeding can make them look lush again by seeding them with an appropriate blend of grasses.
      • Fill in thin spots: If areas of the yard have sparse grass coverage, you can fill those spots by overseeding.
      • Add height: Lawns that receive heavy foot traffic lose their density quickly due to compaction, which a combination of aeration and overseeding alleviates.

      Turf Growth Slows Down

      While laying turfgrass seed in the fall may seem counterintuitive, there are several advantages to seeding at this time. First, because of cooler temperatures and shorter days, turf growth slows significantly during fall.

      As a result, the newly seeded grass can properly compete for nutrients and water supplies that established turfgrasses would otherwise use.

      In addition to allowing the new seed a good chance to compete with established turf, the fall also acts as natural weed control. The cool soil of the fall helps prevent weed seeds from germinating while your new lawn takes root and establishes itself.

      The Aeration and Overseeding Process

      Aeration is a way to de-stress lawns that have become compacted over the long, hot, and active summer days. Aerating does so by perforating your property with many tiny holes that allow air, water, and other nutrients to penetrate straight to your lawn’s root systems. In return, the grass root zone will be better able to extend more deeply and produce a more robust and vibrant above-ground look. In addition, loosening up your lawn’s compacted soil results in encouraging root development and creating an overall grass-growing environment.

      Other advantages of the aeration process include:

      • Improved fertilizer uptake and use by your soil and plants
      • Improved water uptake and use by your soil and plants
      • Increased activity of soil microorganisms that are essential in soil decomposition processes
      • Enhanced infiltration of rainfall and human irrigation techniques
      • Increased oxygen movement between your soil and the atmosphere
      • Reduced risk of fertilizer and pesticide run-off that occurs from overly compacted ground

      Proper aeration is also vital in setting up your lawn for overseeding. Overseeding involves planting new seeds over the top of current yards, whether they are bare, thinning, or appear normal. When done promptly after aerating your soil, the seeds can fall neatly into the holes left behind by the aeration machines and have ample space to germinate and thrive. After overseeding, professional lawn care technicians work to ensure excess seeds fall into the open aeration holes. This process is excellent for improving the density of your grass and enhancing its overall color.

      Burkholder Landscaping Offers Professional Results from Aeration and Overseeding

      With over 25 years of landscaping experience, Burkholder Landscaping knows how to make your lawn and landscape thrive. We have a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable lawn care professionals. Our aeration and overseeding service in the fall, followed by one of our comprehensive landscape maintenance packages, will ensure you can enjoy that beautiful lush dream yard! Contact us today for a consultation and more information about our lawn care services!

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      Take a Look at Burkholder’s New Landscaping Projects

      Each year our designers help Main Line homeowners upgrade their landscapes with new landscaping projects. Sometimes the upgrade is as simple as adding a new custom stone walkway or a specially designed deck. Other projects are more elaborate, incorporating water features like pools and spas, outdoor kitchens, firepit entertaining areas, and softscaping. Below are a few of the landscape design projects we have completed recently.

      View Our Portfolios!

      Malvern Backyard Project

      A client in Malvern, Pa was outgrowing their existing deck, patio, and outdoor kitchen in the summer of 2022. Our design team came up with a plan to fit their needs. This was a great project to build and the transformation is pretty incredible. Now the family and their friends have amazing outdoor spaces to enjoy year round!

      • rearview of a home with deck | Before Picture of ew Landscaping Project In Malvern | Burkholder Landscape

      • Rearview of a home with deck, pool, pool surround, pavilion and furniture | After Picture of ew Landscaping Project In Malvern | Burkholder Landscape

      New Backyard Oasis

      In summer of 2022, a client wanted to add outdoor living spaces to their landscape.  Our plan included a new deck and patio, pavilion with seating and a television, a pool with a rock waterfall. Now the clients have their own backyard oasis. 

      • rearview of a home with deck | Before Picture of ew Landscaping Project In Malvern | Burkholder Landscape

      • Backyard Oasis with pool, rock waterfall, pavilion and deck  | After Picture of ew Landscaping Project In Malvern | Burkholder Landscape

      • walkway and flooring of pavilion | AfterPicture of ew Landscaping Project In Malvern | Burkholder Landscape

      • Outdoor pavilion with chandelier and sofa | After Picture of ew Landscaping Project In Malvern | Burkholder Landscape

      See the Project Video

      Outdoor Upgrade

      Here are some before pictures of a project we finished in June of 2022. We used a mixture of natural stone and Techo-bloc products to create a level area for an inviting bluestone walkway with ample space for colorful plantings and landscape lighting.

      • View of side yard before new landscape project | Burkholder Landscape

      • Raised beds and walkway after new landscape project | Burkholder Landscape

      Backyard Pool Project

      We completed this particular project in May 2020. We used flagstone pavers as the primary material for the pool deck and surround, which are durable, slip-resistant, and complement the pool’s design nicely. A few lights around the pool and the chairs help provide a lovely ambiance at night. The pool area has a significant amount of softscaping, and the plants are coming in and blooming wonderfully. Our crews did a fantastic job, from the design process to the final stages of building, and the client is ecstatic.

      pool with built in spa, flagstone surround and seating | New landscape project | Burkholder Landscape

      A Backyard Transformation

      Pool with Pavilion | Burkholder Landscape

      Our new landscaping projects vary in scope and complexity, and this particular project was a full backyard transformation. We had a thorough design consultation and process to fully understand what our clients wanted their dream backyard to become for starters. Next, we designed the pool, the spa with waterfall and natural stone veneer, and the pavilion, which is excellent for outdoor entertaining.

      The entertainment area features a stone fireplace, plenty of seating, a built-in television and a natural stone countertop for meals and drinks. Backyard transformations take time to plan and build, but the result is a beautiful, ideal landscape.

      Before and after image of house with only grass in the backyard transformed with a pool and pavilion | Burkholder Landscape

      Small, Yet Detailed Patio

      patio with flagstone pavers | Burkholder Landscape

        In contrast to the complete backyard transformation, we have smaller scale projects such as new patios. Our hardscape crew used flagstone pavers, and the warm, earthy tones give the patio an organic, natural appearance.

        The different sizes, shapes, and intricate patterns of the pavers also provide the patio with a unique aesthetic, enhancing visual interest and complexity. And the wall nearby has a couple of undercap lights, which makes the outdoor space more usable and inviting during the night. We are proud of the work one of our hardscaping crews did with this project, and this patio is an excellent example of what you can have on your property.

        Regrade for New Retaining Wall and Patio

        These homeowners wanted to expand their outdoor living space, but the slope was a little too steep. So we cut down the existing grade and installed a Techo Bloc Semma retaining wall and Techo Bloc Blu 60 pavers.

        Contact Burkholder Brothers for Your New Landscaping Projects

        If you have new landscaping projects or landscaping ideas that you want in your front or back yard, contact Burkholder Brothers. We have designed and built hundreds of landscaping projects in the Main Line area, from softscaping to pools, spas and outdoor kitchens. Our account managers will work with you to fully grasp your vision and make the design process go smoothly. We have a team of highly experienced landscape professionals that can bring your dream landscape to life. For more information on how landscape design company Burkholder Brothers can enhance your landscape, contact us today.

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        How to Care for Your Lawn during Drought Conditions

        Everyone loves a lush lawn, but keeping your property looking this way can be challenging, and care for a lawn during a drought requires special attention. When homeowners see their lawn go dormant and the grass turns brown, many look for ways to keep their yards as lush and vibrant as possible. Thankfully, things can help keep your lawn healthy during hot, dry weather, including mowing, watering, mulching, fertilizing, and controlling weeds. 

        See Our Sprinkler System Portfolio!

        5 Ways to Care for Your Lawn During Drought

        The following tips will help relieve some of the issues you may run into with your lawn during drought.

        Mow High

        One of the methods of drought-proofing your lawn is to mow high. Having your lawn mowed high will help prevent disease and insect infestations and allow you to save on water. Your lawn should be at least 3 inches long for healthy turf growth in drought conditions.

        In these drought conditions, we recommend erring on the side of caution: leave your grass a little longer than usual until things start looking better. You can always cut shorter later if needed! Plus, taller grass means less sunlight reaching each blade. While sunlight is necessary for grass, less sunlight helps keep grass cooler in hot weather like PA residents experience each summer

        sprinklers running on a lawn with yard lights and a house in background | how to care for a lawn during drought Burkholder Landscape and Sir Sprinkler

        Water Deeply with a Sprinkler System

        Another way to care for your lawn during drought conditions is to water deeply and infrequently. Many homeowners think watering frequently would be better in a drought, but the opposite is true. When a lawn receives shallow watering, shallow root system growth is encouraged. As a result, the roots only grow down 2 to 3 inches, enough for your grass to stay alive. However, that depth is too shallow for grass roots to access deep soil moisture that could help them survive drought conditions more easily.

        On the other hand, when you water deeply (i.e., over 6 inches), you encourage deep root growth that can reach moisture in pore spaces between soil particles. This reduces evaporation from your lawn and makes more water available during drought periods when rainfall is scarce or nonexistent.

        To help with watering, get a sprinkler irrigation system to ensure your grass receives water at the correct depth and time. Sprinkler systems can efficiently provide water to your lawn and plants so that you can save time and conserve water. Smart irrigation systems can also be programmed to water based on a schedule or even use weather data and adjust the irrigation schedule dynamically.

        Apply Mulch

        Mulch is an organic layer of material applied to the soil’s surface. One of the reasons to use mulch, particularly during hot weather, is that mulch helps to retain moisture in the ground and prevent weeds from growing. In addition, you or a landscape professional can make mulch from any organic material, such as bark chips, grass clippings, and sawdust.

        Avoid Excessive Fertilizing

        You should avoid excessively fertilizing your lawn during drought conditions, especially with fertilizer that contains high amounts of nitrogen. Too-frequent or excessive application of nitrogen-rich fertilizer can cause your grass to grow. This new growth is more susceptible to the harsh weather conditions of drought. In addition, lawn grasses need an ample amount of water to absorb fertilizer’s nutrients, which is more difficult during a drought. So any fertilizer you apply may be less potent than in cooler seasons like fall.

        Control Weed Growth

        Weed control is a critical part of lawn care. Unfortunately, weeds are one of the biggest causes of lawn damage and can be challenging to control. A significant reason weeds need to be kept in check is that weeds compete for water and nutrients with your grass. During a drought, when water and nutrients are tougher to get, the weeds will use up the water and nutrients that should be going to your grass. In addition, weeds also provide an ideal environment for fire to spread.

        front porch of a home with a bench  and shrubs with a sprinkler running | lwn during drought | Burkholder Landscape

        Call Burkholder for Professional Irrigation System Design and Installation

        In summer, many homeowners look for sprinkler systems to help maintain a green lawn during drought conditions. Burkholder Brothers offers a free consultation and will design an irrigation and sprinkler system that is right for your landscape. If you work with us, our team can install a sprinkler system to help you spend less time on your lawn and more time enjoying your outdoor space. For more information about irrigation systems and our services, contact Burkholder today.

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        The Benefits of Adding a Shade Structure to Your Outdoor Living Space

        During the hot summer, your backyard can become scorching hot, causing you and your family to avoid the beautiful spaces you have already created. Whether you have a deck or patio area that could use some shade or are looking for new ways to enjoy your outdoor spaces, adding a shade structure is a great way to cool down and relax in the summer sun.

        See Our Pavilion Portfolio!

        Different Shade Structures Available to You

        Here are options of different shade structures you can add to your property:

        Pergolas: freestanding structures, typically made from wood, provide partial overhead coverage

        Pavilion: freestanding structure, fully-covered roof

        Shade sails: outdoor covers made from pieces of fabric that offer shade (and look similar to the sails of a boat), ideally installed over decks or patios

        Benefits of Adding a Shade Structure

        Adding an outdoor structure, like a pergola or pavilion, can turn your backyard into a lovely shady oasis to enjoy on the warmest days.

        pergola over patio | adding a shade structure to your outdoor living space | Burkholder Landscape

        Enjoy the Outdoors in Comfort

        Pennsylvania summer heat can be serious. The sun beating down can make what is supposed to be a relaxing day feel as hot as a desert. Shade structures are an easy way to create a more relaxed environment and help protect you from the sun’s harsh rays when spending time outdoors. Shade structures can offer protection from UV rays without taking away from natural views or blocking the sun completely.

        Pavilion with Lighting is one of the benefits of adding a shade structure | Burkholder Landscape

        Additional Outdoor Living Space

        A shade structure can provide additional living space, seating, cooking space, and lighting. For example, you can convert an open area in your backyard into an entertainment space by adding a pavilion with a table and chairs to create a seating area. What was formerly an unused space is now an area that is inviting to guests and gives you more room to host parties.

        If you have an outdoor kitchen, adding a structure like a pergola can make that kitchen more usable during the summer since you are more protected from the sun. The same goes for an outdoor dining area. Adding a shade structure allows you and your family to use that dining space more often during warmer weather.

        Outdoor shade structures that offer full roofs can even have lighting, fans, and other electrical features that will make your outdoor space more functional and attractive.

        Observe How the Sun Moves Relative To Your Outdoor Space

        By noticing how the sun moves throughout your backyard space, you will be able to identify what areas require shelter during the hottest parts of the day. Remember, surfaces such as concrete and stone reflect more light and get much hotter than grassy areas. The sun is usually the hottest in the middle of the day, between 10 am and 3 pm, so you want the most protection during that time frame. Existing trees and your home may already provide shade to your patio or pool areas during the times when you would be outside the most.

        Think About How You Will Use Your Shade Structure

        Burkholder Landscape Paver Patio

        Start thinking about how you will use your new pavilion or pergola. Will your new shade structure reside by a pool? Or include lighting and ceiling fans? Or be the focal point that encompasses an outdoor living room and fireplace? Whatever your desires may be, thinking about the use of the structure helps determine the size, style, and type of structure you will need.

        Get Inspired For the Design

        Once you have figured out the basic concepts of your needed structure, the next step is to get inspired. Take a look through our portfolio to find inspiration. Our portfolio will help you see all the different styles and capabilities your dream structure can provide. Finally, develop an idea book of anything and everything that sparks your interest. This will come in handy later when you move on to the next phase.

        Call Burkholder Brothers for Outdoor Shade Structures

        When you are ready to start your project for adding a shade structure, reach out to a professional landscape contractor. Burkholder Brothers’ design team will help you narrow down your idea book to get you on the right path for your perfect shade structure. Then, our skilled landscape designers will work with you to incorporate your proposed design into your existing landscape, patio, pool area, or deck. 

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