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benefits of landscape design -Burkholder Landscape

3 Benefits of Landscape Design to Improve Your Home

A well-maintained and designed landscape makes a great first impression on those visiting your home, and the benefits of landscape design expand beyond aesthetics. The professional landscape designers at Burkholder offer some of the benefits of landscape design.

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landscaping pathway through greenery - landscaping design in wallingford - burkholder landscape

Four 2020 Landscaping Design Trends To Improve Your Landscape

2020 is here, and many homeowners will be thinking about their landscaping goals. Burkholder offers four 2020 landscaping design trends to incorporate into home landscapes. Many homeowners are already meeting with hardscape and landscape contractors, and these 2020 trends are versatile and practical enough to be suitable for any landscape.

The combination of functionality with great aesthetics is a major theme of all of these trends. A beautiful, sustainable garden or an elegant lounge area are just two of the many ways to combine style and practicality and will be a huge element of 2020 landscape design.

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landscaping design in springfield township - pool with pergola - burkholder landscape

4 Considerations to Help You Plan Your 2020 Backyard Paradise

Taking a vacation to paradise is a summer goal for many homeowners. Whether that paradise is at the hot, sunny beach, or in the cold, serene mountains, people are always looking for ways to explore and embrace nature’s beauty. For this year, however, we recommend that you look to your own landscape, and begin to plan your 2020 backyard paradise now. Creating your own personal paradise in your backyard offers the beauty and relaxation of a vacation all-year-round. With some thoughtful, smart, designing and planning from landscape design companies like Burkholder, you can walk to your paradise instead of needing to take a flight.

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patio design - fireplace on patio under pavilion

2018 Patio Design Trends

Building a patio is arguably one of the most popular outdoor projects, probably because you are in effect creating an entirely new living space with an unlimited design potential. The most important thing about designing a patio is to plan for the quantity and type of furniture you wish to place on the patio. A dining table for eight takes up more space than a dining table for four. A group of “deep seating” type furniture will need extra space as well. In designing the outdoor living area the sky is the limit, with features available like kitchens, shade structures, LED lighting, spas, fire features and furniture. The team at Burkholder Landscape can guide you through the latest trends in landscape and patio design to help you plan your perfect outdoor getaway.

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