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4 Great Things about the Holiday Season

As the weather gets cold and snowy and the end of the year approaches, we get to enjoy all of the great things about the holiday season. Coming together with friends and family is always a joy, and the holidays are a prime time to spread cheer and give back to our communities and those less fortunate. Many people are excited to finally partake in their favorite Christmas traditions, including decorating their homes to create a warm, festive atmosphere. Here are a few of the many things residents of Main Line communities look forward to during the holiday season.

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Burkholder Gives Holiday Tips to Main Line Residents

We love the holidays, and we want to offer our community a few holiday tips. The holidays are a special time of the year for so many people, and we want to help Main Line residents get the best use of their homes and outdoor spaces this year. Many of the people in our area like to hold small family gatherings over for the holidays, and our tips will help you make your home and landscape more festive and useable for the holidays.

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Burkholder Announces 4th Annual 2020 Holiday Market

Up-close photo of reindeer | 2020 Holiday Market | Burkholder Brothers

Malvern, PA – November 3 , 2020 – Burkholder Brothers announces their 4th Annual 2020 Holiday Market. The popular indoor and outdoor market will open on Friday, November 13, and run through December 24. Burkholder’s Holiday Market has become a tradition for many people in Malvern and the Main Line area. The market will be selling numerous Christmas-themed decorations and gifts, such as wreaths, home décor, and ornaments. In addition to the indoor market, Burkholder Brothers will be hosting different outdoor events and providing complimentary wine, beer and hot chocolate.

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Burkholder Highlights Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and is one of our favorite times of the year. This holiday is a time where we all get to strengthen our bonds with our friends and family, and enjoy many traditions of the season, such as decorating homes. Plus, as Pennsylvanians, our customers have said that they enjoy embracing some of the more unique aspects of Thanksgiving in our state. Below are a few favorite Thanksgiving traditions of our Main Line community neighbors.

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Types of Fresh Christmas Trees for Your Home

The holiday season is here, and many families will be going out to local tree farms to pick out the perfect Christmas tree. This is a great way to share memories with family and support local businesses and green spaces. Many families might already know what tree to look for, but for those who have yet to make up their minds, we discuss three types of fresh Christmas trees you can buy. Christmas trees come in a variety of different species, all of which have their own unique traits and advantages.

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Learn the History of the Christmas Tree

Main Line residents are in the Christmas spirit! You can see people all over putting up outdoor Christmas lights, hanging together wreaths, and, of course, getting fresh Christmas trees. Here, at the Burkholder Holiday Pop Up Market, we are offering a local option to get your fresh Pennsylvania-grown Christmas tree, while having a special holiday experience. Burkholder offers some interesting history about how Christmas trees became such an integral part of the holiday season.

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Short on Gift Ideas? Let Burkholder Help with Some Suggestions From Our Holiday Pop Up Market

Beach themed gifts at the Burkholder Holiday Pop-up Marketplace 12-1-18We all have someone on our Christmas list for whom we have a hard time buying. Whether because the individual has everything, or because we are just unsure what he/she will like, we just get stuck. Well, Burkholder has some great ideas. Our Pop Up Holiday Market has so many unique gifts, from pillows and ornaments, to hand made wreaths, that you can find something for anyone.

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The Creative Team at Burkholder is the Secret Behind Holiday Pop Up Market Items

If you have visited the Burkholder Holiday Pop Up Market, you may have wondered who has been creating the handmade wreaths, swags, and garlands. Well, the secret is out! The Burkholder team members, though from different backgrounds, all seem to have a creative bent and are responsible for the beautiful handmade décor you can find at this year’s Market.

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December 12th is Poinsettia Day

single poinsettia - Burkholder Holiday Pop-up MarketplaceWe enjoy the colorful poinsettia all through the holiday season, but Poinsettia Day commemorates the death of Joel Roberts Poinsett, the person responsible for bringing the plant into the United States in 1928. Burkholder’s Holiday Pop Up Market has lots of the beautiful plants this year, and in honor of Poinsettia Day, we offer some interesting information about the poinsettia, called cuitlaxochitl in the native language of the Aztecs.

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